Thrifter Share Thrifted Merry Christmas Blog Hop

Thrifter Share, a post to share you thrifted finds whether you plan to keep them, sell them or give them share them here first. 

This is the day I've been waiting for, The Thrifter Merry Christmas Blog Hop, a themed link up shared with some amazing thrift bloggers like Adirondack Girl at Heart,  Deanie's Stash, Random Anny and A Little Bit of Everything to gather as many posts about how YOU decorate with things found out thrifting. Found items, estate sale finds, rummaged goods, thrifted bit, vintage awesomeness, kitsch treasures, retro pieces and antique scores are ALL welcome in the blog hop. We want to see WHAT you collect and love, or what you sell this time of year. 

I love and can't resist any old unloved ornaments and I drag them home by the bag and box full, my husband is overjoyed every time I drag out a dusty bag full of unwanted ornaments to show him, THRILLED I tell you. When we first spent a Christmas together his ideal tree was one with white lights and a few simple ornaments and trailing ribbons. 

Poor guy I think MY tree made him want to cry. 

It used to lean forward with all the extra ornaments I HAD TO HAVE on the front, these days I make sure to decorate the back as fully as I decorate the front so we have balance. Our old house has funky slanting floors and it still leans but only from the floor boards and not the ornaments. 

I've always wanted a fireplace in our old house but it doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon. So we did the next best thing

we bought an old used fake fireplace. It works just wonderfully on this wall and we enjoy the fake flames  twirling by. I love having a mantel to decorate and my kids are finally old enough to leave it alone, FINALLY.

The new to me hutch is holding 100% thrifted and second hand treasures. The silver service was my Grandmothers and it should get polished but I kind of love the patina it has going on right now. The other bits are nothing special but when put together I love the look they create. 

And I kind of have this going in the bathroom Hoosier. 

It started with one piece and has built over the last 15 years to this full blown homage to Relpo, Homco and Lefton pieces, of course many are unmarked too. And there are odd pieces like the velvet flocked reindeer and the wood pieces up top too.

I have more goodies this certainly isn't ALL of it. I'll be posting more photos in another post as I get them done and the house cleaned too. That's got to be the HARDEST part of all of this is getting photos when it's clean and decorated without someone asking me what I'm doing. 

If you're linking up we're asking you to grab out button and slap it on your blog post to link back to us, we'd appreciate it. 

Link 'em up! Now to be honest you don't have to limit your blog post link ups to current posts, what did you do last year? link it up. What you've sold? Link it up. What you love? Link it up! And if you don't have a blog but you've got photos well send them to me, small files please, and I'll create a blog post with your photos in it and share them too! 

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200 Dollar Anderson Seafood Giveaway

On December 5, 2008 I decided to start this blog and in true Laura fashion that date flew right by without so much as a "hey how you doin'?" Oh oops, you know how it goes you get busy, you double book your days, you triple book all your free time and things slide by. At least everyone ATE on December 5th. All our bills were fully paid on December 5th. And no one left their snow pants or gloves at home. Whew! 
I wanted to celebrate this date with something uniquely Alaskan. Something that would inspire some mighty fine holiday meals. Something we get to enjoy just about anytime we want but maybe a lot of other people don't get to enjoy. I wanted to give away Alaskan SEAFOOD and luckily Anderson Seafood thought that was as good of an idea as I did!  
You could win a 200 dollar gift card to Anderson Seafood and make you holiday meal shine! 

Or send Seafood to someone you love! 

Copper River Reds anyone?

Or save it for a special New Years Eve dinner. 

Crab Meat

Or fresh gorgeous seafood in the New Year! 

Alaskan Halibut

So many great ways to use such a generous prize. And of course you're not limited to buying Alaskan Seafood you can get anything you want. 
Enter via the widget below for your chance to win a 200 dollar gift card to Anderson Seafood.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thrifter Share

A post to share your thrifted finds, whether you keep them, sell them or give them, share them here first.
Well it was one of those utilitarian weeks in the thrift world, I went, I looked, I came home with mundane things. I'm not complaining (how often will I say while actively complaining, your guess is as good as mine)because I don't want to bring more in than I need to but still I felt a little bummed than more retro Christmas kitsch wasn't widely available. Oh well. I have enough for now, I guess.
I did bring home pants for kids. 
They grow so fast and blow out clothes so fast i always pick up nice pants or jeans I know one of them will wear. For 2-4 dollars a pair I can stand to keep a small stack of extra clothes on hand for that dreaded day when one of them says "Wahhh I don't have any pants left that fit me" It's a balancing act though because I don't want to have so many that they're in the way and i don't want to forget to bring them out in time for them to wear them either. I've had both of those happen to me and it's just a bummer to have clothes that no one wore or that are messy and in the way, so keeping on top of them is imperative. I bought three pairs but one of them was already wearing them. I also buy plain solid button up shirts for the middle boy, he often refuses t-shirts on principal (they're tacky and only for summer wear If. He. Has. To.)and he gets tired of plaid, solid colors are harder to find than you might think. 
I also found a sample of this majestic 70s wallpaper.
I honestly think this was the same exact print my parents had in their bedroom in the 70s and 80s. But instead of existing on a wall it's been used to cover this sweet early 70s church cook book. 

I've been perusing it and wow, some of the recipes are hilarious, some are just down right confusing. 
I really do enjoy the church cookbooks if only for an interesting read, I often buy them, read them and donate them back for someone else to enjoy. 
Now next week is the BIG DAY. If you missed the Vintage Merry Christmas Thrifter Share post go read it because it's all about the thrifter share blog hop that happens next week. I'm teeming up with  Adirondack Girl at Heart,  Deanie's Stash, Random Anny and A Little Bit of Everything to bring you one final thrifter share of the year. The post where YOUR thrifted Vintage Christmas Kitsch holds the spotlight. It will be the last one of the year and will be available until the new year for adding your additional Christmas posts. If you don't have a blog I'll accept your photos and any narrative you may want to include and I'll post them in a separate post for you. OK so maybe you didn't need to go read the post because I managed to share all the info here, of course I did.

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Vintage Christmas Decorations

Do you have them? yes!!!
Do you love them? yes!!!
Do you hoard them? yes!!!
Do you need an intervention?......no comment
I bet you're wondering what thrifters decorate with? I mean if there's a sale with vintage stuff you'll find a thrifter in the Christmas area, pawing through it, looking for that piece that will top off their collection. That one that will sell for 100 bucks. That one JUST like grandma used to have. We live and love vintage, whether it's holiday pieces, furniture, dishes, silverware, shoes and yes even clothes, everyone collects what they love.
That's the best part, we don't all love the same things, for Christmas I love old Santas and ornaments, others love all things Shiny Brite and yet others love Aluminum trees, so we leave things for each other, no one collects it all. Even the resellers don't sell it all because honestly there's so much vintage stuff out there you can't possibly know about every piece someone will want and love. And then of course there's no accounting for taste, my love for Santa Blow Molds is a prime example, I love them, you may well despise them.   
I realized that what I wanted most was to see HOW other thrifters decorate their homes. What do they collect? How do they display their personal collections? I'm nosy and I can't help it, I try to look in the windows of other people's houses when I'm driving by, I just like to see how things are done. That's one of my great joys about blogging and thrifting is looking into other peoples lives, its so darn interesting! But back to Christmas and decorations and collections, I want to see them because again, I'm nosy, so I'm teaming up with some amazing thrift bloggers Adirondack Girl at Heart  Deanie's Stash Random Anny and A Little Bit of Everything and we're going to host a Vintage Merry Christmas Thrifter Share. It starts the 14th and will run through the end of the year. In essence it will be the last Thrifter Share of the year here and also a Blog Hop with other hosts. So dust off your collections, weed out the pieces you don't like (and pass them on #reverseadvent) get ready to link up and shine.  
Oh you don't have a blog? But you have lots of vintage thrifted decorations to share? Well drop me an email (see contact button above) and photos and I'll post your photos for you. I'll make as many posts as I need to include any and all photos sent to me. 
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Hot Egg Roll Salad

A recipe for Hot Egg Roll Salad, a low calorie, high vegetable and protein salad that will leave you powered up all day. It's grain free and soy free(if you like it that way) and cooks in about 5 minutes flat. 

A while back I posted about my Power Salads, sure a silly title but well suited. I thought since there was some interest in the Hot Egg Roll Salad that I'd share how I make it and offer a few more directions. This version is soy sauce free and grain free but full of flavor, if you like soy sauce by all means use it, I'm just trying to cut down on my salt intake. 

So the original idea was quickly brown lean ground beef, add coleslaw mix, soy sauce and salsa and cook it down. This recipe is similar but with a few photos and I will include the original soy sauce version AND the alternate directions on using no soy sauce. This dish cooks in under 5 minutes and that means start to finish you're eating lunch for under 3 bucks and in 5 minutes but you'll have a pan to wash! 

Hot Egg Roll Salad 
3 ounces lean ground beef
8 ounces shredded cabbage
soy version-all to taste
1-2 dashes of soy sauce 
1 drip of seasoned rice wine vinegar
1-2 TBSP salsa
non-soy version-all to taste
gourmet gardens herb pastes to taste-I use roughly 1-2 teaspoons of each of the following  
lemon grass
chili pepper
pinch of salt
place a heavy bottomed pot, nice and deep so there is no splatter, over medium high heat 1-2 dashes below high
while it's heating get out the other ingredients
when it's good and hot add the beef and brown quickly, this should take no more than 2 minutes
once it's well browned turn the heat off, drain any fat, and add the shredded cabbage
let it rest a moment and begin to wilt
stir to incorporate 
add your chosen seasonings, either the soy or non soy versions
begin with the minimum amounts 
stir in the seasonings and salt and give it a taste test, decide what you want more of and add it
taste it and adjust until it's just right for you
if you're making the soy free version feel free to flavor it up with any of the suggested seasonings, basil is amazing in it and so it the cilantro
or go hung ho and add the soy and all the seasonings
add your cabbage

let it wilt a bit and stir it in

add your seasonings or soy sauce 

and done

Whichever way you make this it's sure to fill you up, power you up and keep you going for the next 4 hours. Need more calories? Add a few ounces of ground beef, you won't need to make many adjustments if you add up to double the beef because the cabbage releases it's water and makes it saucy, just taste it and add what you need. Now you can also use fresh versions of all Gourmet Garden Pastes I mentioned but I like to keep them on hand it makes cooking flavorful food so easy and fast to do! And if I'm feeling spicy I add a splash of sriracha. 

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