Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: It's 25 below


It's 25 below

Do you know where your blankies are? I do! Unfortunately they are not wrapped around me. I have been running errands all day and I am cold to my core.
This is the kind of weather that gets me in trouble. It's so cold and we are stuck inside (mostly) that I always think "hmmmm it's the perfect day to ____________" And it never turns out well. The last 'perfect day' was the great taffy incident and I really don't don't want to repeat that. My kids will probably cry if I bring up taffy again. Anyway it's so cold I have to think of something to do. And I must stay out of the kitchen.
Wish me luck!


  1. I feel for you! Happy New Year, I'm curious about the taffy incident now, for some reason "Taffy is not my friend" wouldn't load so I'll come back and read it another time. It sounds like you are almost to the stage where you can laugh about it. :)

  2. lets say the incident was not so fun and we didn't get any taffy :)


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