Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Taffy is not my friend


Taffy is not my friend

So as the beans were simmering away I decided the "perfect thing to do on a cold day" was to make TAFFY. I was wrong, very wrong. It is sticky and burny stuff. We threw the whole mess out. As I was cleaning up I discovered that the candy thermometer was in fact damaged goods. So maybe, just maybe, this failure only means I need a new candy thermometer. Hmmm. I guess the question is do I really want to try sticky and burny again? And will the kids be so good natured about the awful mess that made them stick to the counter a second time?

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  1. I'd go for caramels first. There's none of the the burny, pulling nonsense and homemade caramels are so good, even if they are too soft or too chewy.


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