Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: 30 below and freezing


30 below and freezing

That my friends is a 3:45 sunset at 30 below zero.

The new moon showing just a bit.

Pioneer Peak right out of dining room window.

While we are definitely cold, we are also blessed with absolute beauty. Each tree is frosted almost completely white and it looks like a dreamworld out there. The moose have found our little haven here and are feasting on our apple tree, currant bushes and inexplicably the mountain ash trees. I won't begrudge their mid-winter meal now but I might later when I learn the extent of their damage. I am a bit worried about the resident moose hanging around but they have learned to live with us so we'll shall have to learn to live with them.

I'm thinking moose enchiladas for dinner this weekend or maybe a tamale pie. Seems a bit cruel to eat one while watching one out the window but oh well. My brain needs to thaw out, get into gear soon and start functioning again. I sure hope it warms up soon.


  1. I love the forest and lake view at the house we're building but that view has me beat by miles and the moose must be fun to watch. I've heard their mating calls are really odd. Great blog, can't wait to see what you do next. And I'm personally pulling for a graham cracker challenge.

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  3. I don't know Maggie I have been reading your building of Doghill blog and I have to say it's so beautiful there! Maybe no mountains but plenty of serenity. And yes we are making graham crackers today. Laur


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