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Cold Days Hot Food

Clouds finally rolled in today. It was so weird to have the sun, now so low in the horizon, not blinding us during lunch. We are so far north that mid-winter sun shines horizontally through the windows, unfortunately showing all your cleaning indiscretions, it blazes for quick moments before dipping behind the mountains and eventually setting around 4pm. Back to the clouds, clear skies in the winter mean cold, cold days and nights. We haven't seen clouds since Christmas Day. For the last 14 days we have been right at about 20-30 below zero even getting down to 35 below. The clouds were a very welcome sight and hopefully will be bringing warmer temperatures our way.
I'm guessing that cold mornings everywhere bring hot cereal for breakfast. I serve my family hot cereal, today brought a 7 grain mix, with homemade blue-barb jam. I prefer brown sugar and cold milk on my hot cereal, everyone else seems to prefer the jam. It is the quintessential perfect start to a cold, cold morning.

On to lunch. I love, love, love Ratatouille(the stew, NOT the movie) It, too, is a perfect cold day food when paired with hot polenta. You can find my recipe for Ratatouille (the stew, not the movie) here http://heywhatsfordinnermom.blogspot.com/2008/12/ratatouillee-stew-not-movie.html. Dinner will have to be another blog because kids are getting wild and of course it's bedtime.
My Ratatouille recipe was featured today on the wonderful blog I discovered called Kahakai Kitchen written by Debi who is lucky enough to live in Hawaii. (Lets just say Debi has a new best who's coming to visit for a couple of months heheh) Anyway she has a great thing going on over at http://kahakaikitchen.blogspot.com/. It's called Souper Sundays and she invites anyone with a a soup, stew or chili recipe post within the last week to participate. I was lucky enough to be included and you can find all the other fabulous recipes on her blog.


  1. Hi Laurie,
    Thanks for participating in Souper Sunday. The post is up and your yummy looking Ratatouille included!



  2. Thanks I just finished posting the link into this post. I am already dreaming up my next soup. Thanks!


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