Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: A duo of roasted birds


A duo of roasted birds

Since deciding on the great cleanse means lots cooking and planning are in my future, I thought a nice set of roasted chickens would give me plenty of leftovers. It's always nice to peer into the 'fridge and find a pan of pre-cooked meat to base a meal on. Plus I wanted to try out this new barbeque rub I have been dreaming up. I only did the barbeque rub on one just in case it was too sweet for my dear husband. The other bird got a quick powdered ranch dressing rub down. They are roasting in the oven right now and smell fabulous. I can't decide which one to try first I guess I'll have to wait and see when they are done.

If the barbeque rub comes out ok I'll post the recipe. In the meantime I guess I'll finish banishing Christmas from my house and try to stay out of the kitchen!

There they are before heading to the oven! Notice my nicely seasoned roasting pan.


So I roasted both birds in a 325 oven for a couple hours, meanwhile popping in some homemade french fries for a side, when the juices ran clear I pulled them out and tented them for 10 minutes. The were done, mostly, one had a bit of pink in some spots only discovered after carving was done. Oh well. Both birds came out a beautiful brown with the barbeque rub chicken a much deeper color because of the paprika. I actually opted for some of each kind right off the bat. First I tried a bite of the barbeque rubbed bird and it really was delicious, not as spicy as I was hoping but a definite good
attempt. I wrote down the recipe I made up so I'm going to do more research and figure out my next additions. Next up was some of the ranch bird with was a gorgeous pale brown almost golden color, very pretty. The taste was rather unexpected, not much like ranch or maybe just a very mild version of ranch. It was definitely infused throughout the meat much, more so than the barbeque rub.
When preparing the birds I pulled up the breast skin and spread as much seasoning as I could underneath it just to get the flavors really mingling in there. Once that was done I spread a bit of olive oil on each one then added the seasoning and gave them a good rub down, then re-applied the seasonings and lightly covered any bare spots.
All in all the dinner was a hit but I'm not ready to post a recipe until a few more trials are done.


  1. I've never tried a ranch dressing rub before, I bet it makes the skin really good though!

  2. The great cleanse is what I'm calling my January detox from all things Holiday-ish :) Its one post down.

    The ranch actually made a good rub and yes the skin was good (the MINUTE bite I had anyway) I'm going to post a follow up with my barbeque spice rub too(which was great too)


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