Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Easy Bake Troubles


Easy Bake Troubles

So yesterday we pulled out the easy bake for some early afternoon snack making using the easy bake cheapster recipe. Mini cakes are fun on cold snowy afternoons, right? So I have this sage advice : when your own recipe clearly states use 3 tablespoons of dry cake mix ONLY USE 3 TABLESPOONS DRY CAKE MIX. Do not under any circumstances look at that little pan with a dab of batter in it and say something stupid like "Gee I think we could add in another tablespoon of mix and a splash more milk" I am here to tell you that sentence is nothing but trouble, seriously.

My children look up to me. They follow my advice. They think they can trust me. Or at least they did until yesterday, now I'm not so sure. I hope that while I'm chiseling out cake mix fused to the inside of the easy bake oven I can restore their confidence in my leadership abilities. That or they are going to learn a whole new side of the English language. Me, I'm not putting my money on either of these choices.
And while we're on the subject of easy bake ovens, how the hell do you clean out the inside? They sure didn't discuss that in the 14 page tri-lingual owners manual. Maybe that's why they sell one little cake mix for 6 dollars and that's why parents shell out 6 bucks, for cake mix control, to keep this exact thing from happening when you have an entire cake mix at your disposal. I can't be the only one who ever did this right? RIGHT??


  1. Oh honey, I feel for you. Rest assured though, your children's faith in you is not destroyed by one easy bake oven mishap. They are easy with forgiveness. I'm not sure how to clean the inside of one. Is it possible to unscrew the bottom?

  2. Hahahha. My kids have already forgot! Thanks goodness. I am going to take the back off but not in front of them I want to see how bad the damage is first. Laura


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