Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Getting it together


Getting it together

We here at disorganized chaos have taken it upon ourselves to 'get it together'. Being an utter 'oh, I might need this someday' gal married to a 'no, you can't make me throw that away' guy has filled our poor, old farmhouse with things that 'HAVE GOT TO GET PUT SOMEWHERE, BEFORE SOMEONE HAS A CLAUSTROPHOBIA ATTACK OR TRIPS AND IS NEVER SEEN AGAIN'. So in instead of attending the Great Alaska Bear and Barley Wine tasting event, we attended the spend 300 bucks at Lowes and sit in the basement sorting crap all day event. Tomorrow will prove even more exciting as we attempt to construct the closet organizer. With 2 small boys. Ages 3 and 5. Doesn't somebody need me to be somewhere else? Please?

PS if I don't hear a peep about this weeks smackdown food I AM PICKING FROSTING!


  1. Yeah go ahead rip store bought frosting a new one, we all know it's awful. Maybe you could do frozen lasagna next?

  2. Oh I like the homemade lasagna idea too. Love your blog btw. Laur


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