Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Homemade vs Store Bought Smackdown : Round One


Homemade vs Store Bought Smackdown : Round One

For quite a while I have been wanting to try making homemade graham crackers. Want, time and energy came together yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't have the ingredients to match, so I changed course and headed off in the direction of homemade saltines. I'm glad I did. The recipe was quick and easy and the results delicious. The best result of all was the great time I had with my son who diligently measured (where I would have tossed), pulsed the food processor(told you it was easy!) and poked holes in every single cracker (I would have done a few and called it good). Maybe even better than the good time was his absolute pride in the crackers WE made.

So without further adieu here's the smack down

Homemade saltines --- Store bought saltines
crispy --------------------crumbly
irregular ------ VS --- scarily square

delicious----------------- tasteless

made about 18-----------get about 200 for 2.59

time spent with son----- I got nothing...

Store bought saltines just got seriously spanked! Homemade wins hands down, with the only draw back being that we have to make a quadruple batch to feed the family. More good times? I can deal with that!
Wondering whats coming next week in the homemade VS store bought smack down? I'm thinking grahams which I might actually manage to get the ingredients for or frosting or chicken noodle soup. Hmmmm


  1. Love your smack down round-up. Where did you find the recipe?

  2. Thanks! I posted the recipe to my blog. Can't believe I didn't post it!

  3. Yeah!! Plus check in tomorrow for this weeks edition-graham crackers.


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