Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: It's the simple things


It's the simple things

Warmer weather has prodded our chickens into laying eggs again. I am not complaining. I am also not complaining about seed catalogs, sunsets after 5pm or turning down the thermostat. It's those simple things that make January livable.


  1. How exciting! How many chickens do you have?

  2. We have 6 hens and a rooster. Which is usually enough for us but when it was really cold they decided to quit laying and I don't blame them. We are planning on letting them raise up some babies this summer. Do you raise them yourself? They really are the best eggs ever and composters too.

  3. No, I currently live in a subdivision (IE home owners' agreement and lots of neighbors). We're moving to the country to 16 acres this year, hopefully this spring. Chickens are on my to do list but settling into the new house and getting my gardens built will come first. I'll probably wait a couple of years. I'm facinated by people who have them tho.


Am I talking DIRECTLY to you? Well then let me know!