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weird salad

So with my mind basically frozen I was at a loss for dinner tonight. Definitely not my style, I like the planning and completion of menus, so I suffer when this happens. Apparently after what feels like a month of indulgences in delicious meals and decadent desserts I have come to the end of that road. Time to get back to real life meals that are more healthy and plannable (is that even a word?).
So anyhoodle I cast about for a while in the kitchen and generally drew a blank on dinner until I spotted some lonely, fresh veggies in the crisper and decided on the weirdest salad ever. Since my husband is in class tonight the kids and I will be on our own for dinner and it feels right to have a salad of forgotten veggies topped with feta and leftover baking pecans. Not that he would object one bit, it's just that with him gone we don't do full blown meals. So I'm off to eat the weirdest salad ever.

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