Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: I'm Not Cooking


I'm Not Cooking

and I wish I was. Not that my dh is having trouble, I just really love to cook and create. So I thought I would list the meals I have semi-prepared for him since I can't actually stand and cook.
-Meatloaf w/mashed potatoes and green beans
-Parmesan Chicken Fingers over buttered pasta and crudites
-Falafel patties w/ cucumber sauce, and greek salad
-Barbecued pork chops, baked potatoes, roasted corn and crudites
-Hamburgers on buns, homemade french fries
-Pigs in blankets,tater tots and green salad
-Enchiladas, refried beans, crudites
-2 Roasting Chickens

Mostly these meals are prepared and frozen or are just easily whipped together from ingredients I've gathered. I'm sure you noticed the crudites for several meals? My 5 yo just learned to peel carrots and carefully slice them with a pampered chef spreader. Those handy little tools are sharp enough to cut a carrot but not quite sharp enough to cut you. The most they will do is give you a scrape. My son dearly loves to clean and cut vegetables for a lovely crudites plate. We generously 'let' help out. *wink*

So I guess I'll continue to lay around eating painkillers and bonbons. In other news who put bubble wrap under on the floor under my crutch? Jeebus I almost gave myself a heart attack!!


  1. Those are good make ahead meals. Great thinking!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such sweet comments. I hope to see you back there soon:-)

  2. Those are great make ahead meals.

    Hope you feel better soon and can get back to doing what you enjoy.

  3. You might not be cooking but your menu sounds delicious!

    Sharing some clicky love!

  4. I wanted to stop by and give some clickin love..the link you have with the heart shaped mouse is broken... :(

  5. I didn't realize you'd been injured. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe some clicking will help :)

  6. Yeah I can finally leave a comment, blogger has been hating on me since yesterday ... LOL.

    What a super fun blog I'm so excited I think I'm going to make myself comfy and stay a while :).

    Love the meals, just my style! Hope you feel better soon, hugs coming your way!


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