Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Need some recommendations


Need some recommendations

I'm laying here in bed, foot up and doped to the max looking around and feeling a bit depressed. I think this always happens when I'm sick. I get acute I-want-to-tackle-the-world-itis. I dream big. Make elaborate plans. Painting, recovering furniture, digging new gardens, food I'm going to attempt and so on and so forth.

Currently I am scowling at my blog layout. I want cute and customized. I want it to be purely mine. Anybody got any good recommendations of blog skin designers? Blogs to look at? Emails for contacts? Websites to investigate? And of course I'd like to know a normal price range because with my foot up and dh on "vacation" taking care of me the money tree just ain't growing it fast enough for us. Yes, I know I use adsense but that will take FOREVER to make a dime (disgusting).

Well I better get back to garden planning and such. Leave me a comment with any good designers you use. Thanks so much!


  1. I found some great blogger skins back in my blogger days here: http://mashable.com/2008/05/17/70-plus-new-and-beautiful-blogger-templates/ but I think that you should just switch to wordpress :) Oh, and I can make you a sweet header!

  2. If you want a super sweet designer for your blog I have the perfect one!

    Diana at http://customblogdesigns.blogspot.com/ is one of the best I found around and her prices are really reasonable too. Check out her site, tell her what you want and she'll go from there.

    Hope you're feeling better soon! You and I sound the same my mind is always going that I need to be doing more ... LOL

  3. Sorry you are not feeling well.


    has some nice templates

  4. How fun!
    Just stopping by via SITS to say hello!

  5. Shannon at eightcrazy designs does awesome work. I'm pretty sure she did SITS blog. http://www.eightcrazydesign.com/

    Some day I'll have my blog designed just for me. Until then, I find the free templates. =)


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