Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: ❧ Sautéed Greens ❧


❧ Sautéed Greens ❧

I love greens. There I said it. I truly do love greens, beet, turnip and mustard are fabulous and kale is my absolute favorite. I can't wait for summer to have them in abundance. I have been missing them this winter. After seeing the BSI contest for kale recipes I finally broke down and bought some figuring that spring greens were far enough away that I could justify buying them. Glad I did!
I actually bought arugula, mustard and kale figuring I'd go for the ultimate greens power house dish. Even my kids liked it, now that's saying something. I based my recipe on an Alice Waters recipe for Swiss Chard with parmesean from "The Art of Simple Cooking". It was a tasty and beautiful side dish to fake n bake pork chops, sweet potato rounds and roasted asparagus. Mmmmm, spring is coming and I can't wait!

Sautéed Greens

6 cups of mixed greens roughly 2 cups each arugula, mustard and kale washed and spun dry
2 teaspoons olive oil
1 teaspoon unsalted butter
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/4 cup fresh grated parmesean cheese, divided

tear the greens into bite size pieces
place a large skillet over medium high heat
when it is heated, toss in the greens and stir until they are semi wilted, remove to a bowl
add the oil, butter and salt, stir together until hot
toss the greens in and most of the cheese reserving some to sprinkle on the finished dish
quickly toss to coat and remove from heat
place it in a serving dish and sprinkle with remaining cheese, serve hot


  1. I have to hand it to women that truly love to cook. And I'm so glad you do, so I can steal some of your recipes. THANKS!! Visiting from SITS!!
    Have a good day.

  2. I'll fully admit that I'm not a big veggie eater. No I take that back. I do eat veggies. Just not in abundance with every meal. Like the ones you mentioned...never had them. Maybe I should give them a try and your recipe. Printing it now...lol

    Have a great Monday.

  3. Melissa you will not be sorry! Use caution mustard is spicy and so is arugula but oh. so. good. Let me know!

    Small house a tooth ache?? so sorry to hear :( wish I could help!


  4. hi! here from SITS! just wanted to say happy monday and that looks fabulous! :)

  5. Mixing all three greens is a great idea and the rest of the meal really sounds like it would be delicious together.


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