BSI Reminder! Tonight at 11:59 PM Your recipes are due!

Hey all just a quick reminder that all BSI recipes submissions are due at 11:59 pm tonight! If you have sent one and don't see it let me know! I think I have received and posted every recipe but it is possible I might have missed yours, that would be a bummer. I don't know how the hosts pick the winning recipes, they all look so good. I am SO impressed.

Thankfully I don't have to create each recipe and taste each recipe because for sure I would gain back the 2 pounds I LOST this week. Yes, my scale is moving downward, finally! DH and I are on a mission to lose excess winter (haha) weight. Our weigh in day is Sunday to help us keep those movie watching nights honest. You know popcorn is so easy to inhale! So wish us luck!

UPDATE---WOW 9 recipes!! Check them out here!


Am I talking DIRECTLY to you? Well then let me know!