Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Day 2 of Operation Spring Clean & Seventh Generation Giveaway **UPDATE**


Day 2 of Operation Spring Clean & Seventh Generation Giveaway **UPDATE**

Today we are tackling the bathroom and mudroom. These are both situated at the back of the house along with our pantry. I think the bathroom is my favorite room in our house right now because we just finished remodeling it. It is beautiful. The 'counter' is an Amish work table we made in to a vanity by dropping in a sink and plumbing it through-LOVE-. The closet is an old hoosier cabinet that sure does hold a lot of stuff. My husband and I tore this room out down to studs in 2007 and built it back all on our own. I really love my bathroom. Today it is getting the cleaning blitz along with our mudroom.
My favorite room!

We will be using the Seventh Generation Glass Cleaner in Grapefruit scent, Toilet Bowl Cleaner- Emerald Cypress and Fir and Tub & Tile Cleaner in Emerald Cypress and Fir. I'm sure the All Purpose Cleaner-Green Mandarin will be used in there somewhere too. One of a plethora nice thing about the Seventh Generation products is that I am never worried that the fumes from 2 different products are going to mingle and blow up my bathroom. I remember when I was little hearing about someone who was cleaning their bathroom and blew the entire thing up. That has stuck with me for 30 odd years and it still freaks me out! Also my tongue doesn't get numb when I use the shower cleaner, something I can't say when I use other commercial cleaners. Again today my kids will not actually be using the cleaning products but simply helping with other parts. And providing comic relief. Like that picture in my last post of my 3 year old "kung-fu cleaning" in front of the giant pile 'o stuff. It's always something around this place.

And for dinner, Black Bean Soup in the crock pot! I'll be posting the recipe later during "quiet (or Mommy might go insane) time.

Want to win these awesome cleaning supplies? All you need to do is cruise over to Seventh Generation, check them out, come back and leave me a comment about which products you liked or why you will switch to any product on ANY post this week for an entry. I will be combining all comments and running the contest through random.org! (2)Followers leave me an extra comment saying you are following me and that's an extra entry. (3)Blog it with a link back and that's a third fourth and fifth entry, please leave a comment for each entry so I can easily keep track of all entries. (4)Also leave a comment any day on my cleaning or cooking for the day for an extra daily entry. WHEW!!

Let me say this first. When my ex-husband left me high and dry w/ a 7 year old and the house I parents 'gave us' (long story short we paid off the debt and took it over) he demanded that I sell the house and give him half the money. Instead I put my lawn mower in the back of my truck and started a lawn care business that branched in to a cleaning company which I ran until my current lovely perfectly wonderful husband pretty much said quit whenever you want because I can take care of you and our sons. To which my immediate response was to put my feet up and live a lifestyle of chocolate and bonbons(hahahaha). The point of that little glimpse in to my life and where I come from is to say this: I know my stuff when it comes to cleaning, I know what works and what doesn't and I know how hard I should have to scrub and how long each job takes. I know the harsh tongue numbing chemicals that remove the skin from un-protected hands, these are not those products.

Seventh Generation products work! Today was a serious workout of these awesome cleaners and they really do work and I really love them. Plus at the grocery store today the coupon machine spit out a 2 dollar off coupon for MORE cleaner goodness. WOOT!

I think I will go through each product that I used today and give a quick review.
To start I used the Seventh Generation Glass Cleaner in Grapefruit scent oh man no stinky ammonia smell here. It was a lovely fresh, light smell and it really cleaned the windows to a squeaky clean. I also used 2 of the paper towels to wash the windows with. I don't use disposable paper products anymore I gave them up last year and use washable napkins and rags made from old clothes. So I was at a loss what to do with paper towels, I finally decided to use them. Just 2 did ALL FOUR WINDOWS, strong little guys! I think I will save them and use them sparingly to see how long they last. They are made from 100% recycled paper and it felt good to only use 2.
I cleaned the toilet next with their Toilet Bowl Cleaner- Emerald Cypress and Fir it worked great and had a nice mellow scent too. I used the All Purpose Cleaner-Green Mandarin to clean the rest of of the toilet. It sure was shiny! On to the tub. I have a brand new tub and surround so it was not too icky. I sprayed on Tub & Tile Cleaner in Emerald Cypress and Fir and let it soak for a bit and while it was soaking I washed out the sink and filled it with hot water and a shot of the all purpose cleaner for washing walls. The shower sat for about 3 minutes and all I had to do was easily wipe down the walls, my tongue did NOT go numb and I didn't even wear gloves!! I always wear gloves because I have eczema but my hands felt great and still feel great. WOW! On to washing walls, this was really quick and easy but the bead board and trim did give me trouble but only because it is cream and prone to scudge-iness. I vacuumed and wiped down the floor and was OUT of there in 42 minutes. Wahoooooo.

Uggg the laundry box, clean now!Wall washing anyone?

Oh my can I crawl away now?!?

It sure looks good now! YES??

The other big plan was to hit the mudroom but reality and plans clashed today and I had to be in 2 places at once so the mudroom took a miss as did the bean soup. We had a leftover buffet as a way to gear up for tomorrows FRIDGE CLEAN OUT!! Eweeweweew....but I will brave just for you guys. No befores though, you'll just have to imagine the mess of 3 boys (1 teenager) who rummage pretty freely and NEVER shut things.

My tentative menu plan for the week is something like this:
Crock Pot Roasted Chicken, salad, green beans
Crock Pot Red Beans and Rice, salad, broccoli (from last years garden)
Crock Pot black Bean Soup, tortillas, crudites
Left Over Buffet anything and everything left

Plan for tomorrow:
Co-op preschool
attack mudroom
clean out fridge


  1. Good job on the Spring cleaning spree! Maybe all your posts will inspire me, and light a fire under my butt!

    I haven't tried any of their products, but looking online I think I'd like the tile and tub cleaner. We have white grout in the bathroom and it always gets dingy - but the stuff I use has such a strong fume.

    I'm following you - and I'll link back!

  2. Hi there!
    Stopping by via SITS to read your post.
    Have a great day!

  3. Fun giveaway! I think that the wild orange and cedar spice kitchen cleaner sounds awesome. I really just like things that smell great and are better for the environment. Win win!

  4. Forgot to say... I'm following you.

    I'm going to link back to you in this evening's post.

  5. Black bean soup sounds delish, can't wait to see pictures :)

    Ok I think I'm all caught up with all the post ... LOL Sorry sick for a while and I feel behind :)

  6. How is that tub and tile working out for you? I think I'd have a hard time giving up my tilex, but I'd be interested in hearing if it works well.

  7. blogged this giveaway


  8. I linked back to you.

    I'm glad to hear that the cleaning is going so well. I need to stop simply reading about yours and start doing some of my own!

  9. Stopping by via SITS!

    Thanks for the review of the products. I always wondered it they were effective cleaners.

    I would want to try Shower Cleaner — Green Mandarin & Leaf. My hubby's shower is Yuck at times.

  10. I wish i had the get up n go to start my spring cleaning! Ive been umming and ahhin about it now for a couple of weeks!

  11. The all purpose cleaner is great and makes me feel so much safer using it around little hands crawling on the floor! What a great giveaway!

  12. Interesting peek into your former life! I mix up my own vinegar based cleaner for most of the house but I love Seventh Generation's dish soap and buy their toilet paper religiously. None of the other brands of recycyled toilet paper are as soft and have the big double rolls, a must in my house since I'm the only one who changes an empty roll.

  13. Holy Crap girl! How the heck to you have the energy to completly spring clean the house. I can barely hold my head up by the time I get home, then on to dinner and of course a little blogging. You mean I'm suppose to clean too? Oh jeez how can I say we're friends anymore ... LOL

  14. Hi.
    I'm stopping by from SITS to say hello!

  15. Wow, you are doing a great job with that cleaning. I've heard a lot about the 7th Generation stuff but haven't used it -- yet. I'm totally intrigued!


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