Drum Roll please!...............................^

I had a HUGE response to my SITS Spring fling giveaway, it was amazingly fun and I am so glad I participated. Thanks to every single person, blogger or otherwise, who joined in with comments to win the purse. I will be visiting every blog within the next week to comment, read and have fun. Some of them I have already checked out and I am amazed at the awesome blogs out there! Wannh wa wa wanh wwwwwanh wa do I sound like Charlie Browns teacher right now? I know you all just want to know the winner of the purse and I am blathering on and on so the winner is.....................

Joy to the Blog!!!! Yeah! JOY!! Happy Happy Joy Joy! WAY TO GO!! So send me a snail mail address and I'll send this right down. Everyone else? Thanks for stopping in and playing in the SITS Spring Fling it was so much fun. I can't wait to do it again!

OK and to anybody who read it for the 20 minutes it was up I did NOT intend it to say DUM ROLL that's what I get for typing without my glasses!!! Arrrggg it's changed now. Thanks dear husband!! Love you and your glasses.

TAP TAP TAP is this thing on??? I have a winner but have not been contacted by said winner and their is no email in her profile.....I guess I will wait until 8 am and draw another number for a winner.


Am I talking DIRECTLY to you? Well then let me know!