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Frugal Fridays

I love to save money. I'm not cheap, I just have to save money when and where I can to make sure we stay with our heads above the water while we actively save money for retirement. So I am always looking for a GOOD deal.
This last week was a good money saving week for us. I went to my favorite thrift store and scored big time. On Saturday I found a beautiful light wood toddler bed and practically a WHOLE summer wardrobe for me. For 40 dollars I got one bed, 4 pairs of capris, seven shirts, 2 funky brown bead bracelets and a scarf plus a Discovery Toys tangram set. That's a ton of stuff, in the retail world:
toddler bed on target.com 99.99
capris at target 19.99X 4=79.96
shirts at target 15.99 X 7=111.93
bracelets 2.00X 2=4.00
scarf 5.99
tangrams (price unknown)10.00
retail total 311+change WOW

With that purchase at my thrift store I saved 270 bucks.

Session #2 Wednesday money spent 17.51 items purchased-5 pairs of boys pants, 1 yard of blue gingham, roll of cotton cord, 1 small plane, 18 BRAND NEW IN WRAP! plastic tumblers, 1 mug, 1 vintage Saint Patty's day card. In the retail world:
5 pairs of boys pants target 10.00X5=50.00
fabric @Joanns 5.99
cotton cord @Joanns 4.99
plane @Target 1.99
18 tumblers 36.00
mug and card 6.00
JarJar Binks party hats priceless!!
Retail total 104+change

I saved us about 87 bucks right there! Another great way to save money and recycle too. I donate a ton of stuff here, too. I always joke when I drop stuff off that I don't know how I can still have anything left in my house because I donate so much stuff.


  1. Super impressed with your findings! Plus buying second-hand is so great for the environment. Double score!

  2. You rock! I'm blown away girl! I so need to find an amazing thrift store like yours! The ones I found aren't so hot. I did take 4 bags full of stuff to childrens resale store, what's left goes onto craigslist and then the goodwill.

    I bow down to you! You're amazing!!!

  3. Bargins! U just cant beat that feeling when ur goin threw the check out whether its the store or a thrift store even the grocery store and ur leavin with an awesome deal! You did awesome :) Anyway stopping by from SITS hope u have a wonderful wkend and that the snow clears up and the weather gets warmer :) It will be in the lower 40's here and i have spring fever! I cant wait any longer!

  4. I love a good deal!! Thanks for coming by ladies!

  5. I'm impressed! Teach me your ways, oh frugal master!

  6. Here we call them Op Shops, and you'll always find me rumaging deep within one. Actually, went to a few today and so many people, more than usual - seems recession is hitting Australia.

  7. What a haul!!! I wish there was a good thrift store near me... there are a bunch of lousy ones, but no good ones.

  8. Hi.
    Stopping by via sits.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Wow! I never have the patience to root threw things at thrift stores or discount places anymore. I'm impressed!


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