Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: I'm so EXCITED!!


I'm so EXCITED!!

Tomorrow I go to the Dr to see if I can walk in the 'frankenstomp' boot instead of on crutches. Please. Please. Please. Please!!!!! I want to walk to my living room without breaking a sweat, I want to cook in my kitchen, I want to blog about cooking again and mostly I want my house back. Now I dearly love my husband, truly I do, but that man needs to go back to work and do his thing and leave my thing to me. I just do it so much better than he does. Yesterday he came in after some particularly grueling task that I think involved getting a small boneless child dressed and said with fear and desperation "you need a freakin' raise". I was tempted to gloat, ask him to repeat it or otherwise bask in that small glory but I took it for what it was, just a good man realizing how hard it is to 'not work outside the home'


  1. How'd the trip to the dr. go????

    And thanks for stoppin by my blog!!! Looking forward to hearing from you again soon!! xoxoxo

  2. LOL at "small boneless child"...let us know how it goes today!!! HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!

  3. hopefully you got a good report today! :)


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