Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Redoubt Finally Blew


Redoubt Finally Blew

There's never a dull moment living in Alaska! Mt Redoubt finally blew her top tonight, finally. We have been waiting for 2 months now and I just put away our air masks the other day figuring it wasn't going any time soon. Here is a link to the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

As soon as pictures of the current eruption become available I will be posting them.

What happens to daily life when a volcano erupts? Well for one thing my husband works for the local government and he will be assisting in the Emergency Operations Center and working 12 hours on 12 hours off. People are usually advised to not drive their cars unless necessary. You have to wear a special mouth and nose mask to keep the ask from scratching up your lungs and mucus membranes. The snow will soon be gray and very dirty and our cars will be covered with thick, gray ash. We will stay indoors if the ash fall is thick enough. And I may very well go absolutely batty crazy, cabin fever is running rampant here!

UAF photo taken by R. Clucas of the 1990 eruption. Isn't that beautiful?

See caption below


  1. Whoaaaa! Jump on a plane Laura - I have room here for you all....and if not, I'll make room.

  2. How fascinating! We were visiting my grandmother when Mt. St. Helens blew a little puff (after the main one) and my mom woke us up to go out and scoop ash into containers to take home to everyone as souvenirs!! I look forward to hearing more!

  3. Wow...that is an amazing site. Can't wait to see your pics.

  4. Wow!! That's amazing. Here's wishing you some clean breathing!

  5. What a stunning photograph! Visiting via SITS... I'll stop back to see your updated photos of Mt Redoubt!

  6. I've been reading this on two other gals blogs. We live very close to Mt. Rainer it's a scary thought.

    What an amazing picture ;)

  7. wow that's amazing. I live near two volcanoes here in California, but haven't had one blow in my lifetime. Wow!


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