Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Seventh Generation Starter Pack Giveaway WINNER!!!!


Seventh Generation Starter Pack Giveaway WINNER!!!!

And the winner is #34!!! I tried to cut and paste the number generator but to no avail, maybe someone can clue me on how they put the actual thingy thing on their posts. Anybody? Anybody?!?!




Molly!!!! At Stilettos and Diapers!! YEAH!!! Molly!!! So go check her out and say hi. I have emailed her and if I don't hear back from her in 24 hours I will pick a new winner!!

Thanks Seventh Generation, I love your products!!

PS if anybody quits following me I'll cry


  1. Wow! Congrats to the winner!!!

    74 followers... sheesh. I'm jealous, I have 2.

  2. Christina!! I want to follow where is the little follow me widget??

  3. Man I'm so jealous!!!!! Fine I'm stalking away!

  4. Checking in from SITS. Wishing you a beautiful week. My best. Zen Cupcake

  5. Checking in from SITS. Wishing you a beautiful week. My best.

    Your friend,

    Sock Monkey

  6. I'm too late to enter. Boo hoo. We've got Seven Generation laundry detergent, dish detergent, and cleaners in the house right now. It costs more but I like what it does (or rather doesn't do) for the invironment. :)

  7. I got a laugh from your profile where you stated that your kids don't know what poptarts are. Mine didn't either - for several years.

    In fact we were at one of those pinewood derby's (where kids carve and decorate a block of wood and then race the car) and one of my sons friends had made her car into a twinkie. My son said, "Hey! Rachel made hers look like butter!" One of his other friends was stunned and said, "It's a twinkie"....blank stare from my son....frustrated the friend says, "You know HOSTESSS?!"

    It was pretty funny. That kid refused to believe that my kid didn't know what a twinkie was.


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