Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Thursday Cleaning Roundup-Pirate Booty Snack Break-Crock Pot Red Beans and Rice


Thursday Cleaning Roundup-Pirate Booty Snack Break-Crock Pot Red Beans and Rice

Today was spent cleaning my kitchen and nursing a sick little boy. Boy #3 'felt yucky' and spent the day on the couch or attached to my leg. I think he is going to be fine and eventually the kitchen will be fine too.

My intention was to completely clean my kitchen but once again life thwarted my plans and I didn't finish the kitchen so I will have to work on it again tomorrow to get it done. You know it's really hard to clean and move swiftly with a 35 pound boy hanging off your leg. I did get my entire stove torn down and deeply cleaned. I washed everything with the Kitchen Cleaner - Wild Orange and Cedar Spice, mmmmm it smells so good. Once again I was able to use these products without gloves on. I have terrible eczema so to be able to use cleaning products that don't hurt my skin is a wonderful plus to these products.

I also love the information they have on the back of the package it looks alot like this:

from the Seventh Generation website

It just helps me remember why I want to keep using these products!

Snack today was PIRATE BOOTY!!! My kids get zero junk food. No granola bars (Gnu Bars yes but they are not junk food), no gummy fruits, pop tarts or chips. One thing I do find acceptable is Pirate Booty. What you have never heard of Pirate Booty? Well it's actually a healthy snack that is low in fat and absolutely delicious, my kids LOVE it. I do too. Roberts American Gourmet sent me a sampler pack of 5 flavors to try out. I'll give a full review later this week but I do have to say we all enjoyed them immensely. Thankfully we were at Costco last week and happened upon a double bag package of Aged White Cheddar Pirate Booty and snatched it before you could say "Ahoy Thar Matey" so now they can munch on it with out me gasping "is that the last of it" (Ok skrieking it but whatever).

Crock Pot Red Beans and Rice
1 lb of red beans
salt to taste
Luzianne or other Cajun Spice mix
1 lb of Hilshire Farms Smoked Turkey Sausage
Beef broth optional in place of water
cooked rice

The night before you want to cook this dinner wash and sort beans
in a large dutch oven cover beans with water and bring to a boil
boil for 2 minutes
turn off the burner, cover and leave beans to sit over night
the next day you should rinse the beans and pour them in to your crockpot
cover with fresh water(or broth) about 2 inches above the beans
cook on high for 30 minutes then reduce heat to low and cook for 6-8 hours
1 hour before dinner add some salt and spices to taste then slice the sausage and add it in too
Make sure at this time you have rice to eat with the beans either cook some or reheat it
To serve put rice in a bowl and pour a scoop of beans and sausage over it serve with red wine vinegar and shave parmesan (yes it sounds nasty weird but it is so so good)

Tomorrow I will be finishing the kitchen and washing windows. Come back and enter to win again then, thanks.

Pictures coming in 20 minutes!


  1. Oh, I LOVE me some red wine vinegar in my red beans and rice! Must be a Southern thing, huh? Yum! And, I'm totally going to be on the lookout for pirate booty next time I'm at the market.

  2. We just tryed some of the Pirate Booty mix and they r sooo yum! I hope your son is feeling better soon, my one just got over the tummy bug thats goin around in our area..which he passed onto me... not fun i tell ya! Your CrockPot recipe sounds delish!

  3. This crockpot recipe sounds yummy!

  4. I"m not a big rice and beans person, but my kids are. I can't wait to try your chicken recipe, though. I've been trying to find a way from keeping the chicken cooking in all of that fat drainage. Bet you can do all kinds of things with the rolled up leftover aluminum foil. Great cook tip, that one.

  5. Your comment about the eczema jumped out at me. I have it too, and cleaning products are NOT friendly. I'm out of my prescription cream so I'm headed to the dermatologist on Tuesday. It's good to know that these don't irritate yours. I might have to consider making a switch!

    I also wanted to let you know that we will be starting our trip out in Vancouver and sailing north then flying home out of Whittier? I still need to get on the ball with my planning, but I'm getting more and more excited as the time is getting closer! :-)

    Have a great weekend!!!

  6. Oh we love Pirate Booty around here. It's good stuff! I'm with you on the no fruit snacks and all that other stuff -- although I do make my own granola that the wee ones enjoy eating. I'd rather they enjoy a banana or orange than some of the things kids see on a regular basis today! I'll have to look for that big bag next time I go to Costco!

  7. Thank goodness for Pirate Booty! It's one of the very few "prepackaged" snack foods I get for the family. I love Gnu bars, too--I'm addicted to them, and, unfortunately, the only way I can get them is to order them online.


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