Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Wednesday Cleaning-Seventh Generation Giveaway-Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken UPDATED


Wednesday Cleaning-Seventh Generation Giveaway-Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken UPDATED

This is a quick and early update for Wednesday and cleaning and life. I am getting ready for pre-school, the chicken is ready for the crock pot and I am so ready to clean out the refrigerator. Come back later for results and recipe. Have a great day!

Crock Pot 'Rotisserie' Chicken
4 pieces of leftover aluminum foil rolled in to balls
1 roasting chicken
Lawrys seasoning salt to taste/your own favorite rub
Large Crock Pot

place the 4 balls of recycled foil in the bottom of the crock pot
wash the chicken inside and out
pat dry and place on the foil balls
sprinkle on the seasoning salt or your favorite rub
gently rub in the seasoning until the bird is coated
cover cook on low 6-8 hours or high 4 hours

Ours was done by 1PM so I took it out and popped in another chicken; in my opinion you can never have too much cooked leftovers on hand especially when cleaning or napping heavily

Now on to more important things...THE FRIDGE-cue creepy haunted house music.


Wow the fridge was much LESS yuck than I thought it would be. I used the Kitchen Cleaner sprayed on damp rags and wiped it down. It was very quick and easy. Hmmmm also not at all as painful as I figured it would be. Whew dodged a bullet on that one.

The Crock Pot 'Rottiserie' Chicken was delish! I cooked the second one for about 4 hours and served it sliced with tortillas for wrapping or Barbecue Sauce for dipping. HFCS free bbq sauce no less! I'll post the brand on that tomorrow.

Tomorrows projects include washing down my kitchen cabinets, mucking out the cabinets, adding shelf liner and maybe washing windows. I have three 8 foot by 6 foot windows to wash and I can't wait to see the results from Seventh Generation Ruby Grapefruit and Herb!

Leave me a comment and you could win a HUGE starter set of Seventh Generation cleaning products for your self!


  1. You are inspriational! Thanks for the recipes. I am going to try one tomorrow...just nor sure what one yet. :)

  2. I was in Alaska! My dad works for GCI and we tagged along for a family vacation!

  3. Fridge Clean what? That's what the cleaning lady is for right? LOL

  4. New to your blog, lots of good stuff :) I love Seventh Generation. I use them almost exclusively. I'd love to try the toilet cleaner though. Now I just spray the all-purpose in the bowl and let it sit a few minutes.

  5. Now the fridge! Jeez I told you I leave that for the maid ... LOL.

    Chicken sounds amazing my dear, so freaked out about bones. I know I'm a HUGE wuss. You should see me when it's time to cut into the turkey ... LOL

  6. We eat a lot of chicken around here. Thanks for the recipe!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your own story. : )

  7. So were are the fridge pics?

    I'm off to get my hair done and then I'm positng a picture of me with my new purse. Yes I'm vein like that ... LOL I'll put a link for your giveaway too :)

  8. Sounds like great chicken. I think I need to go clean my fridge now. But I've been saying that since Christmas!! :)

  9. Hello, visiting from SITS.

    Have a great night.

  10. Sounds like you are one cool lady. Thanks for the entry.

  11. I'll take that stuff! :-) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I ADORE Seventh Generation cleaning Products! They are Eco Friendly, will not harm the environment and GET the job done! I hope I am not too late to get in on the give away!!!
    Dear Claire and Stefanie, (Happy Birthday Stefanie!!!,
    Thank you so much!!!! I am really really thrilled out of my mind!!!! YAY!!!!!! What a GREAT Giveaway!!! Many Many thanks to you both!!!
    I love the Boy Elements 3 Pack Pattern!!!! So Cute!!!!

    My information is:
    Leslie Mayorga
    154 Azalea Chase Drive
    Suwanee GA 30024


  13. I LOVE chicken in the crockpot...it's so easy and delish! I've never thought of balling up aluminum foil under it. I usually invert a saucer. Your way sounds much less messy.
    Nice giveaway...who couldn't use cleaning product??

  14. I cant wait to try the chicken recipe, Thank you

    I have never heard of those cleaning products before, but when I saw the words cleaning products, I was excited. I love finding great cleaning products!
    Have a great day

  15. I cleaned my fridge a few days ago. I try to clean it out every other week.

    Also went a little greener in my mopping. I bought the bissel steam mop. No chemicals just water. I love it!

  16. Just started using their laundry/softening products- LOVE THEM!
    I am so inspired by your gardening!

  17. I've got to try some of your receipes. This one looks so yummy!


  18. At my sons' co-op preschool we use the Seventh Generation products. I'd love to win some for our house!

    And I love your mission statement at the bottom of your blog...no poptarts or gummy anything in this house either.

    I'm off to do some more poking around on your site...

  19. I love the 7th generations dishsoap. I have to say I've never used any of their other products though. I would sure like to try them.

  20. Yummy! Also I love these products and would love the whole set! How generous! Stopping by from SITS!

  21. I would love to try the Seventh Generation...I make a lot of my own cleaners, to avoid that bad stuff, but I have always wanted to try their stuff.

  22. I would LOVE to win a Seventh Generation start set!


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