Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Frugal Fridays Recycled Reuseable Snack Bags up for Auction!


Frugal Fridays Recycled Reuseable Snack Bags up for Auction!

Over at SITS! Please stop in and help raise money for Mom it Forward and Yehu a Microfinance organization in Kenya. Awesome chance to help people get a leg up in this world. Check it out.

Food wise my day was great but I must be in serious sugar de-tox because ALL I WANT IS SUGAR. Tough day, everyone is sick-ish, spring is here and I really can't get out with my foot and all. It's just tough at this time of year and food is really tempting to me.

Breakfast-yogurt, honey, Newman's Own Organic Prunes and golden flax meal yum my new favorite breakfast
hot coffee with nonfat milk

lunch-mega spinach salad with tofu, a boiled egg, feta, Newman's Own Organic dried cranberries and their Balsamic Vinegar-wow a beautiful salad
snack-Newman's Own Organic Champion Chip Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies
dinner-ham and bean soup with cantaloupe
What do I want? About 40 pounds of chocolate :)


  1. What a wonderful day of food, even if it didn't contain chocolate!

  2. Laura,
    I hear you on the sugar. It seems like once I start with the sugar, that's all I want!

    Thanks for chastising me about my McDonald's visit. I know, I know....but everything in moderation right?

    The ketchup I found w/o HFCS was Heinz Organic certified in a 15oz. container. I found it at WalMart.

  3. I think it al looks wonderful. I gave you a shout out on my blog today.

  4. Just stopping by from SITS to thank you for donating something for the auction. It's people like you that make things like that so successful. May God bless you richly.

  5. What I saw choc chip cookies that count's doesn't it ... LOL

    Looks super yummy my dear! I want to be a newmans reviewer too ... ;).

    Hope your having a wonderful weekend. Smooches!

  6. Mmmmm...that soup looks good as did your salad.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...I've been enjoying yours as well.

    I love your "about me" info (but I have to confess I do microwave to reheat things). My 4 year old saw a commercial for snack-size yogurts where you squeeze the cup to get the yogurt to rise to the top and then you slurp it. Uh, yuck! He keeps asking me to get them for him. Uh, no!

    Have you read the book Vegetable, Animal, Miracle? I loved it and am planning on rereading it soon. There is something about your blog that reminds me of the book.


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