Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Frugal Fridays-Sometimes cheap is just not worth it


Frugal Fridays-Sometimes cheap is just not worth it

I have written this post over in my head many times and on here many times and every time I write it I end up sounding 'holier than thou'---EWWWW I don't want to come off like that. So here's the deal, I love to save money just as much as everybody else but sometimes that good deal is not so good. We are addicted to cheap in America. There I said it.

The abundant cheap crap available for less than a buck is tempting but how soon will it break? How many times will you have to replace it? What pleasure do you get from a product that never actually works right? Where did it come from. What is it made of? Is it safe? Those are all questions to ask ourselves when the temptation to buy buy buy cheap junk is right in front of us. The old adage of 'you get what you pay for' also comes to mind except I don't think anyone 'pays' for lead in their toys paint, right?

And here's one more reason to save your money and buy quality products once instead of crap 3-4 times; where does ALL the junk end up? Yep, in a landfill somewhere. Never rotting just sitting around for a couple hundred years.

So before you hit up those dollar stores that are such a good deal, think about what you might be getting instead, sweatshop produced, badly made, possibly dangerous products. Yuck that doesn't sound like too much of a bargain does it?

Did I come off to preachy? I guess what I wanted to say was; OK time for us to stop being China's bitch. Maybe short and simple was better.

And just a note- I do know that buying 'quality' products is not a guarantee that they wont be crap. I know this because the 'made in America' coffee maker/espresso machine that I bought for my husband is a giant piece of junk. I lost the receipt! and cannot take it back. Right out of the box the very first use it spilled water when poured and has everyday since. Nice right? And now it doesn't do pour and serve and the numbers washed off the side. Espresso? Nope not hardly.

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  1. Hear, hear! It's absolutely worth it to buy more for quality food, ethical products, etc. I just wish more people would!

  2. hallelujah! someone spoke out what's itching in my mind for a very long time! I totally agree. "cheap" is not cheap in the long run.

  3. Preachy? No way! Cheaper isn't always better. I love a bargain myself, but am always willing to pay the higher price for a real quality item.

    Sorry about your coffee maker - that totally sucks.

  4. Amen sista. Not holier than thou, just speaking it like it is.

  5. Your post is right on the money!!!!! Great articulation of one of my latest frustrations!


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