Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: It's Earth Week at our house or maybe Earth Life?


It's Earth Week at our house or maybe Earth Life?

Earth Day is coming up and I never quit know what to do to 'celebrate'. Is this a party holiday? A protesters rally day? A peaceful examination of life? A joyful look at spring and her beauty?

Earth day is of course "a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment" (wikipedia) How do you go about this? What are you doing specifically? Yes I am talking to you, leave me a comment...please?

As a family we are pretty earth aware:
we short shower
eat locally
eat organically
grow our own food
shop farmers markets
support local ag
raise our own meat and eggs
turn off the furnace in summer
line dry ALL laundry May through September

Last year I had an earth friendly mandate for us which was to quit using paper towels and napkins. I bought 48 red and white plaid wash clothes and we pretty much use those as napkins and for paper towel replacements we use old clothes cut in to rags. It worked well for us and now
I have 2 new earth friendly mandates for our family:
1) are going to catch and reuse our rainwater this year
2) we are going to build a solar oven to cook our food with for the summer

I think those are both totally doable and great ways to leave an even smaller foot print.

Now for some food! My food day was pretty normal for me:
breakfast-yogurt, golden flax seed meal, honey
hot coffee with milk
snack-Newman's Own Organics Alphabet Cookies-good! These are a PERFECT preschool snack
lunch-bean soup (last of it!!)and salad
snack-homemade iced coffee
dinner-grilled chicken, whole wheat spaghetti, dry fried green beans and mama Tso and Tso's sauce

This last weekend I made another Banana Cake and it was so good the plate came home empty.
Spring has come at last and suddenly we are all systems GOOOOOOOO! for summer. That's really exhausting. Here is our rhubarb poking it's head up for the first time this year! I am excited because last year I pretty much hacked it out of the ground in the fall and chopped it to pieces because it was so over grown. All the pieces seem to be rooted and oh holy cow I know some friends are going to find rhubarb plants abandoned at their back door like zucchinis

Oh and the biggest news of ALL-our robins are back! Woot.


  1. Wow! You have some really great practices. It's inspiring!!

    I started using cloth napkins last year as a way to use less paper towels, and I like it so much better! I had a ton of them sitting in a box, and it makes so much more sense to actually use them. Plus, it feels a little fancy too. :-)

  2. Great ideas.... we hang inside all year 'round for laundry. I want to line dry but can't find a line dryer thing that works. They're either too small, attach to the house or are permanently afixed to the ground. If you have any good suggestions....

    And the solar oven? I'm sooo intrigued to hear about that one! Good luck!

  3. You guys are awesome! I love how you are teaching your children what it means to care about the environment! You definitely inspire me to make even more changes of my own. I hope someday I can have a garden!

  4. Jealous on the rhubarb!!!!

    I look forward to hearing all about your solar cooking. It is times like this I wish I lived in a house!

  5. We recycle around here. That drink looks so yummy.

  6. You my dear rock as always!

    Banana cake you know that is my favorite ... YUMMY

  7. Could I move in for awhile? Living at your house sounds amazing...I'd love to be able to do more of what you are doing (especially growing our own food) and I love your new green goals too!

    Oh...and that cake looks amazing!


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