Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Grilled Pizza


Grilled Pizza

Grilled pizza. On the gas grill pizza! As many of you know I got a huge Kitchen Aid Mixer Professional 600 yesterday. WOW. Love it! I wanted to use it to make something special for it's first run. I decided on grilled pizza because it has been so hot that I didn't want to heat up the house with cookies or cakes. Plus grilled pizza just kicks ass anyways.

I used the Kitchen Aid recipe for Crusty Pizza dough but use your favorite dough recipe.

Grilled Pizza
olive oil to for the grate
dough for pizza
your choice of sauce and toppings

Pre heat the grill for 10 minutes or so
meanwhile assemble your toppings grill side, have all prep work done
scrape down the grate so it is clean
reduce one side to low heat and keep the other burner(s) on high
dip a clean paper towel in the olive oil with a pair of tongs
rub it on the grill 3-5 times to really oil it up, grease your hands too
grab some dough and quickly make a round-ish shape and slap it on the grill
you have about 5 seconds to make any adjustments in dough shape then it's too late
close the grill lid for 2-3 minutes
then add your toppings
continue cooking until the bottom browned nicely and the cheese is melted
mine took about 10 minutes tonight but you just have to watch them, carefully
I made a plain cheese for the little boys and ours was fresh basil and spinach pesto with grilled chicken, tomatoes and feta. To. Die. For.

using the Kitchen Aid

Making Pesto

Simple Cheese

Pesto Pizza

Is that gorgeous or what?

One more shot

The bottom crust

And for a huge surprise my teenage son called me from his job to tell me "clear your schedule Thursday, I'm taking you out to dinner" Um whoa? Who abducted my child and left his one?


  1. That pizza looks fantastic! We grill a lot, but I don't think we've grilled pizzas yet.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Those pizzas look amazing!! I love grilled pizza :)

  3. My hubby was just mentioning he wants to try grilled pizza, I think you just sealed the deal, looks fabulous!

  4. Happy birthday Laura! Wish I had a ticket to Blogher that I could wrap up and send your way...

    It's been so long since we grilled pizza. Great idea to fire up the bbq and keep the heat outside!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I've never made grilled pizza, yours looks so fresh and tasty!

  6. That looks so delish!

    I'm bummed you can't come to BlogHer but keeping my fingers crossed they open up some more tickets!! I will let you know if I hear anything!

  7. I'm with you on that wait list thing. *sigh*

    And YUM grilled pizza. I'm lazy and brush the oil on the dough itself vs the grates, but either works. In fact, Little Miss asked me today if I would make her some special grilled pizza soon. I think I might have to. Glad you're loving your new toy!

  8. That pizza looks fab! Fingers crossed you get in the BlogHer Food that would rock, since you rock the food!

    Happy Birthday Girlie, that is so sweet. I can't wait to hear where you get to go for dinner :)

  9. that pizza looks awesome! I keep seeing grilled pizzas everywhere, it's probably a sign that I should try making my own

    Happy Birthday!


  10. First of all, your blog is so great. I truly enjoy it.

    I made grilled pizza quite a few times. We grill the crust and add the sauce and let everyone choose their toppings. It was so amazing.

    I WANT THAT MIXER!!!!! That is on my Christmas list.

    I WANT TO GO TO BLOGHER FOOD...BUT I AM IN FL. and taking care of my two babies.

    I feel ya.

    I love you site and I WILL BE BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!

    Take care.

  11. I ment to say I love your site....not I love you site


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