Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Dear Martha Stewart Living,


Dear Martha Stewart Living,

I really hate taking my beefs to my blog, but here's the deal, your subscription billing department is ridiculous. To start with I found an offer for a 1 year subscription online, when I signed up I was immediately sent an invoice for 19.95. I responded via email my concerns and was informed that yes indeed the SUBSCRIPTION was 15.00 but mailing was 4.95 extra. WHAT? Who does this? Or is this a shoddy way to squeeze an extra buck or 2 from people. Classy!
I cancelled my subscription and went on my merry way.
Then the invoice came, for 19.95. I decided I had enjoyed the Christmas Edition of MSL so much that I was willing to overlook the shoddy service AND bait and switch so I could get the magazine. Dumb move. I paid for the subscription on April 15th. I just received the May edition of MSL about a month late, magazines are always mailed to subscribers early usually by the 20th of the previous month. I hate it when magazines send you last months magazine late just so they can end your subscription early and start sending renewal notices. Personal pet peeve.
The NEXT DAY,( NEXT DAY!!!!) I receive a billing statement for 8.05, what? Seems that my 15 buck subscription is now costing me 28 bucks, almost double what I signed up for. When I went online to complain the fill in the blank complaint form wouldn't let me submit my complaint, it just kept repeating "select an option". Finally I hit don't share my email with people button and my entire nasty note was deleted. Oh come on! My fire has died, this is stupid, I don't want to pay more money yet I'll never get a refund for my 19.95. What is a girl to do?

Regards, Laura


  1. That so makes me angry also. I hate when they threaten you almost.. you have 6 months left and they are sending you renewals that youll miss an issue. Jerks.

  2. Ihave had problems with Martha Stewart's website. It sends me e-mails that I don't want. When I click on the "unsubscribe" link in the e-mail it says I'm not subscribed! Then the next day I get another e-mail. Darn you Martha!

  3. Wow, how horrible! I've never ever heard of a magazine charging for shipping.

    The only bad experience I've had was living at home my dad got Reader's Digest and they renew you like 12 years out with all their bills and calls. I told the woman (this was a few years ago too) that my dad's subscription was payed until 2012!!! and to not call anymore. She was rude as heck, hung up on me, and then continued to call the house every 5 minutes for like the next hour and hang up. We had to unplug the phone. Very, very mature.

  4. What a pain. Maybe a letter and you will end up on the show with all of your great ideas. That will show them. Crazy.

  5. So annoying! Magazine sales are hurting and they are taking it out on consumers.
    The only magazine I subscribe to is Wondertime...except I don't think it exists anymore. This week I started getting Family Fun? Wait a minute! Where is my Wondertime? Why am I getting this inferior magazine instead? And more importantly...why didn't they even tell me that my favorite magazine stopped publishing? Sneaky little devils...


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