Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Art On Fire


Art On Fire

Well I didn't cook ONCE today, weird. We spent the morning in hell. Yes folks, drain hell, with stopped up sinks, backing up dishwashers and short tempers. We pulled through OK and after a few hours got everything cleaned up and were ready to start our day...at noon.
Our big plans for the day were to go to Art On Fire and then out for date night. We did just that but with a later start and already tired. What is Art on Fire you ask? Well think kilns, molds and molten iron and you'll be going in the right direction.
Art On Fire is an art show put on by the Valley Arts Alliance featuring, well, fire. There were blacksmiths, glass blowing demos, Raku pottery workshops and the big event, a massive iron pour. That was an amazing show! Lots of sculptors and foundrymen pouring molten iron into all shapes and sizes of molds.

foundrymen at work

blacksmith contingent

For 10 bucks you could carve a hard sand block and have it poured into an iron tile. Or you could paint a piece of bisque pottery for the Raku kiln. We did both and had a grand time watching the boys pottery go through the kiln, fire and water bath. We missed seeing our tile poured but it was still warm when we picked it up to go home. What's going on is your hometown?

Raku pottery before firing

one after firingthe iron tile

Peace and Love,


  1. That is a really neat place to hang out. We are going to have our little fair in a couple of weeks.

  2. Super fun! We're going to some festivals, but nothing that cool! I love the tile!!

  3. Neato :-) Glad your drains are fixed. There's probably lots of stuff going on in Boston but the biggest thing of course is going to by 4th of July on the Charles River!

  4. So cool! Sounds like you ended up having a great day even if it was a rough start!

    How was date night? ;)

  5. Michelle-4th of July on a river sounds great!

    :D any time with no boys is so quiet and peaceful. Hey I'm preaching to the choir!


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