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Entertaining Tourists

No I don't mean laughing at tourists I mean keeping visiting friends busy and happy. We were recently the happy hosts for my sons bff (heh) who moved to Florida 4 years ago, he stayed for 2 weeks and now we need a second mortgage to pay for all the groceries we went through. On his last night here we had a great opportunity to go to the Alaska Zoo after hours. It was an adoptive parents appreciation party and we invited our guest to tag along.

For Christmas we adopted the Magpies for our sons as a present. They received official adoption papers and they are the proud parents of 2 Magpies, one of which can speak if you walk away at just the right time. So we took our 16 year old visitor with us while my 16 year son had to work. The Zoo had several meet the animal experiences with wolves, owls and a red fox. Cake, coffee, soda and cocoa we free flowing and the whole night was a blast.

There were perhaps 50-100 people altogether but they were spread far and wide across the zoo and it was very peaceful and quiet. In two different spots they had "go behind the scenes" encounters. One was with the 2 Amur tigers and the other was with the Polar Bears Aphun and Louie. Basically we got to go up the zoo keepers path to the backside of the cages and observe them up close. Quite a privilege to be so close to one animal that only has 350 wild relatives left and the others who are so close to being endangered themselves. It moved me.

After out little zoo jaunt we still had hours of daylight left (you have a lot to burn up here right now!) so we decided to hit the the Alaska Wild Berry store. This is the home of the largest chocolate waterfall in the world. Pretty impressive for two little boys and our tourist. They stood in awe while I snapped pictures of the cascading chocolate. They of course wanted to dip in a finger but alas no tasting there! But over to the left or the chocolate fall you will find a huge selection of chocolates and candies and free samples!! Many of the chocolates are made on sight and they used to offer tours of the kitchen. I forgot to ask if they still did, I guess I was to busy wrangling little hooligans and eating free samples to remember. Oh well. I let them pick out a candy treat or two, OK fine, three. They were small and perfect for kids. They each wanted a chocolate dipped cherry, a small salmon shaped solid chocolate and a turtle and they were delighted with the treats.

I picked out some chocolates for my friend in Florida with some help from the sweet girls behind the counter. They seemed to know what went well together and picked up on my two of everything theme quickly. I asked if I could snap their picture for my blog and they were very obliging while smiling sweetly. Thanks for all your help girls, you were so nice and the perfect way to end a touristy day in my own state!
Peace and Love,


  1. What a fun time. I love the chocolate the best. The bear and wolf were great also.

  2. Whoa....on the chocolate fountain. They would have to call security to forcibly remove me from the fountain. Wow...what a unique opportunity to visit the zoo after hours.

  3. Yum yum yum and what a fabulous sounding day!

  4. Looks like so much fun. Do you think if anyone would mind if I jumped in the chocolate? What I bet it would be good for the skin, right? That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    What sweet girls, hope they stopped by to see themselves :)


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