Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: TTSS Tuesdays Tips for Summer Survival-eat your veggies


TTSS Tuesdays Tips for Summer Survival-eat your veggies

To start off here is the picture from the Monkey Bread yesterday I guess I was having so much fun with all the crazy pictures I forgot the food. That's not like me.

It's Tuesday so join Carey for more fun and tips on Tuesday's Tips for Summer Survival!
Life In The Car Pool Lane

My son, Union, recently spied an old cookbook on my shelf. "How to Garnish" is an '80s book that someone gave me long ago when I was a budding chef. For some reason I never chucked it out in all these years and it has been moved from house to house and taken down with all my cookbooks for painting and it still remains. I pulled it out for my son to look at and he got all cranked up to make something from it. Basically it shows step by step how to make these garish but still cool garnishes.
He fell in LOVE with making crudites this past winter so this was an easy hop for him. I hauled out the cutting board, peeler, serrated butter knife, a carrot and a bell pepper and we were in business.
He set to work peeling the carrot and I cut the pepper in half. While he was carefully cutting bark on the carrot I cut the pepper in to leaf shapes then we topped his carrot with my pepper and !voila! edible palm tree! It was fun working together and eating our mistakes. Plus eating veggies is so much more fun when you make them look awesome, right? The youngest boy looked on happily eating scraps and chatting with us. He has almost moved up to crudites chef and he will be there when he starts using a knife for cutting instead of his teeth. Yeah that's a nice visual right? Chewed up carrot in a pile with a boy stating "no, that's not for the chickens it's my crudites. I cut it with my teeth" Then smartly snaps his teeth together, chomp chomp. Life is NEVER dull here, ever.

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  1. How cute is he, Laura!! Cool book! Monkey bread looks great!

  2. That is soooo cool! My boys would love to try to make this! How did you get the pepper to stay on? Is it just draped over the carrot?

    Thanks for participating again!

  3. I'm def. going to make that monkey bread.

    And how cute is that little tree! He looks so proud of himself - taht's such a fun idea for veggies! And I'm majorly jealous of that huge, beautiful window.

  4. How cute! What a fun way to get kids to eat their veggies.

  5. Oh my gosh! I love the "tree"! I am not looking at that monkey bread. NOT.

  6. First off that bread looks AMAZING and sinfully yummy!

    Second those rock! You're so wonderful. And he is too cute, chomp away! :)

  7. That is funny...and so cute! Gee, I wonder what kind of recipes I have hiding in my cabinets! haha! THat is great! My kids love to cook and make things with me...I need to include them more often, how FUN!


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