Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Tuesdays Tips For Summer Survival-Sing, Sing Out Loud


Tuesdays Tips For Summer Survival-Sing, Sing Out Loud

Life In The Car Pool Lane

My husbands grandmother has a twin sister and for the last couple years 'the grandmas' have come to Alaska to visit their northern family. They are always singing wonderful old songs and teaching them to our boys. Back when they were just young girls they used to sing during movie house intermission and they are still singing today. They have a parrot, Lorenzo, who will only sleep if they serenade him with "Springtime in the Rockies". Haven't heard of it? Neither had I but my boys came away from an afternoon with 'the grandmas' being able to sing that song. Not well enough to put Lorenzo to sleep mind you but they had the basic idea. They also learned a sweet and almost lost tune called "20 froggies".

I wanted to sing these with my sons but the words were impossible to remember correctly and they didn't know them well enough to teach me. I felt lame and miserable because my sons had this awesome resource and I couldn't be trusted to learn the words and sing along.

Enter the song box. Basically I took an old recipe card box and turned it into a song box by copying the words onto 3X5 cards that I can easily pull out and sing with if I need to. It has made nightly singing at bedtime so easy! I can actually learn the words to the songs quite quickly but will soon forget them when we quit singing them every night. Inevitably my kids will LOVE a song for weeks and then seemingly over night refuse to sing it again and want another song that I have forgotten the words to. HA! Now I never stumble over rarely sung songs, I am on top of it.
I have lots of songs in the box and we can quite happily sing oldies to our hearts content now without ever missing a beat. Whew! One problem down, 2.8 million left to go. If only there were all so easily solved by a recipe box.

Here you go the first song in your song box is on me!

20 froggies
20 froggies went to school
down beside the rushing pool
20 coats all pressed and green
20 vests all white and clean.
We must be in time said they;
first we study then we play
That is how we learn the rules
as we froggies go to school.
Master bullfrog brave and stern
taught us each all in our turn;
taught us how to leap and dive
also how to nobly stride;
Taught us how to dodge below
from the sticks which bad boys throw.
20 froggies grew up fast
big frogs they became at last,
polished to a high degree
as each froggy ought to be.
Now they sit on other logs
teaching other little frogs.

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  1. This is such a great idea. I have to wonder how many memories I've lost by not thinking of something so simple! And "the Grandmas" sound like a fantastic resource as well!

  2. What a great idea! And the grandmas, how sweet!!!

  3. That is wonderful. I have to come back and get these songs.

  4. Such a great idea and what a special memento to pass down to your kids one day. We do lots of singing around here so I might give this one a try. Thanks for participating!


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