Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Best Foodie Foto Contest Week 2


Best Foodie Foto Contest Week 2

Ah here it is the end of July already! Where did summer go? While you are reading this I am busily driving to the Kenai(Keen-eye) Peninsula to go dip netting! This is going to be an adventure and we are all very excited. The limit for Kenai Reds personal use dip netting is 25 for the head of household plus 10 for each additional family member, that's 65 for our house. I am also fishing by proxy for my Mom, this means I fish and give her the catch, so I'll need to catch an additional 35 for her household. My boys are bursting at the seems with excitement and seem to ask every few minutes "are we going dip netting today?" finally I get to say yes! The drive will take about 4-5 hours give or take 2 with boys needing pit stops. My father in-law is also going so we have the potential to be driving back with 135 salmon strapped to the roof of our suburban.

So guess who will cooking, smoking, freezing and eating salmon all this week? YEP! Me. Quite an adventure.

I won't be around until Tuesday so voting will just continue until I get back. When I'm back I'll shut off comments and post a winner as soon as I can. Bear with me as we fill our freezer for the winter. Thanks!

Here we go!
#1 Is from Kristen at Sogkonnite Living Potato Chourico Tortilla

#2 comes from Lynn at The Actors Diet The Margharita Pizza DOC at Enoteca San Marco

#3 is also from Lynn at The Actors Diet its an appetizer of mushrooms and gnocchi

#4 is from Heather at The Green Adventures of a City Girl her Fennel Beet and Orange Salad

#5 is from Kristin at Sogkonnite Living I'm calling it the pasta arm

#6 came form Christo at Chez What? Avocado Ice Cream, yes that's right, Avocado

#7 is from MochaTrina at The GOOD, The BAD, The HONGRY from the I ain't cooking post

# 8 is also from The GOOD, The BAD, The HONGRY sushi

#9 is Monica at Lick the Bowl Good blueberries

#10 is from Monica at Lick the Bowl Good Slice of Blueberry cake

#11 is from that same post at Lick the Bowl Good Lemon Blueberry Marble Cake

#12 is from MochaTrina at The GOOD, The BAD, The HONGRY veggie slices

#13 is the last from MochaTrina this week another shot of that sushi

#14 comes from Girlichef the Tostada Bite

#15 is from Girlichef it's brisket fresh from the oven

#16 also comes from Girlichef the Thyme-infused Lemon Ricotta Cupcake

#17 is Tuna and Bean Salad from Girlichef#18 from Monica at Lick the Bowl Good sent us Cookies and Cream Cheesecake

#19 another shot of those Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes from Monica
Go eat and then come back and vote!! Tell your friends, twitter it, blog it, share it; VOTE!!! Wish me luck on my salmon adventure.

Peace and Love,


  1. Wow, I never heard of dip netting or Kenai Reds before, so I looked it up. Learned something new today.

    My vote #6 Avocado ice cream. It sure is colorful.

  2. a hunnert and thirty five salmon - suhhhhh weeeet!

  3. Wow, that is quite an undertaking. I had never heard of this kind of fishing either. Can I vote for myself? My cutie assistant chef? Good luck with all those fish!

  4. I have fished for salmon on the Kenai river. I caught a 40 pounder which I know is not all that big but for me it was pretty darn exciting!

    Great Foodie Fotos!

  5. Darn...Forgot to enter this week!! There's always next week.

    My vote is for the #6 avocado ice cream. It was a tough decision, but my love for avocados won out LOL.

  6. I vote for number 10 Monicas Blueberry Cake!

  7. I'm all about the Oreo cake! It gets my vote!

  8. I am voting for the blueberry cake #10 or #11 yummy!

  9. I like the #1 the potato chourico tortilla looks yummy

  10. my vote is for # 10 ..great cake

  11. I vote for #10...Monia's Blueberry Cake!

  12. Hello, Monica has my vote #10!

  13. Awesome...I wish I was going dip netting...good luck!!! Another delicious round of photos... my vote is for #9.

  14. My vote is for #4. Great light summer dish!

  15. They all look so good! My vote is for number 4!

  16. I say #10. Also #18 looks good too.

    (Monica's husband)

  17. I don't think I knew you lived in Alaska (?) Where do you live? I live in the Matanuska Valley.

  18. Cant wait to see what u do with all the fish! Thats a huge undertaking, holy crap!

  19. I vote for #10 Monicas blueberry cake!

  20. Good Luck. Man they all look so yummy!!

    I love fishing!! You sound like you're in for a real fishing trip, not like my trips to the lake.

  21. LOl sounds like you'll be having lot's of fun cooking for everyone :). talk about me taking a vacation by myself sounds like you need one too!

    Cookies and Cream looks super delish!

  22. All of these look so tasty. I am voting for the avocaqdo ice cream though (can you mail me some please and thank you!)

  23. 135 salmon!! Good luck with all that processing!

    My vote is for #11. That cake looks awesome!