Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Best Foodie Photo Contest Entry Deadline Tonight Midnight Alaska Time


Best Foodie Photo Contest Entry Deadline Tonight Midnight Alaska Time

Didn't get yours in yet? There is still time! You have until midnight tonight my time which is 4 AM Eastern to submit a photo for this weeks contest. The prize this week is a food blogger charm from Mara. I love these little guys! I want it but sadly I will have to let someone else win because I'm pretty sure I shouldn't win my own contest, right? I have the prize for next week all lined up and no it's not a charm but something creamy, yummy and FREE!

I have had a few questions about posts, photos and limits. I hope I can address those here and I will either completely confuse you or settle everything up.
  • You may enter as many photos as you would like, no limit on entries.
  • Entries are due by 11:59 pm Saturday night basically midnight Saturday.
  • I will be accepting photos from the current week, as in anything you posted from this past Monday through this current Saturday, Sunday is left out. I have found a lot of bloggers don't post much on Sundays if this is a hardship we can change it.
  • Alaska Standard Time is 4 hours different than Eastern midnight here is 4 am there.
  • I have prizes for a months worth of weekly contests, if the contest does not take off well then we will let it go. I would like to see it continue just because I think it's fun and I love to see what people are eating.
  • Please feel free to tweet it, blog it and other wise talk it up I would like to see it succeed.
  • Also make sure you send your friends over to vote for you!
Clear as mud right? Email me with any questions you have. Right now I think I have 8 entries in so we'll see how it finishes up. Also don't forget to vote, you can vote even if you don't have a photo entered.

Peace and Love,

Kami is excited

as are the ducks

who love a good sprinkler


  1. I would love it if you would include Sunday because I do often post on Sundays....could the week just run Sunday-Saturday??? What if you take that "to die for" pic and post it on Sunday, LOL!! But anyway...sounds pretty clear. Thanks for posting...I'm sure I was the biggest, questioni-asking nuisance! (ps...your dog is too cute...luv the excited face)

  2. I need to submit something - but what? it isnt easy deciding on what can cut it....oh and Alaska time is 4 hours EARLIER than NYC - believe I know and have been feeling it.

  3. I do not cook much so I do not have any pictures of food. Does it have to be food?

  4. I love those duckies!!!! (and your dog too)

  5. Christo yes, but NY is ahead of us so I guess I say we are behind and I feel that way too like we are always behind, time, fashion, gossip, style just to name a few. Scratch that we have no fashion or style up here.
    How is the Alaska recovery going?

  6. Yay on the duck shots!

    I keep thinking I want to enter more but haven't been happy with most of my shots this week. Will try for better ones next week on vacation!

  7. hi! what a great blog you have and great ideas too! I wish I could join but I only just started my blog this week, or like, 2 days ago. Ill look forward to your other contests!

  8. I just sent you an email! I'm excited to see what pictures everyone sends in!

    I do have a question about voting though. You said they can vote in the comment section. Do they have to be fellow blogger or those with a google account? Can there be anonymous comments? Can one person vote more than once?


Am I talking DIRECTLY to you? Well then let me know!