Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Tuesdays Tips for Summer Survival-Box It Up


Tuesdays Tips for Summer Survival-Box It Up

First of all I would love to lie to you all and say "oh yes, our summer fruit desserts are so delicious" and post fake pictures and what not. I can not tell a lie, I haven't made any of them! I have a good reason/excuse, it's too hot to cook. I have been grilling all weekend and I refuse to bake when it's 80+ degrees outside. Maybe soon I'll get up the gumption to bake early in the day but so far that hasn't happened. I did make strawberry jam yesterday and our house was so hot, it was unbearable.
In other random news I am the mom of a driving teenage boy. Hug me. Tell me I don't look 39. Liar, I don't believe you. He's had his license for 12 hours and no accidents. Thankfully he has been at work for 8 of those hours. I raised him right now it's time to sit back and watch him shine, or not.

On to Tuesday Tips for Summer Survival
Life In The Car Pool Lane
We have a ton of Legos I bought at Bishops Attic II the local thrift store. Each boys has a tub in their room and they switch and trade all the time. Last week I needed to take both little boys to physical therapy for my ankle and I had no one to watch my beasts er boys. Enter the Lego box!

A while back I tested a laptop lunchbox for my sons and that put our cool vintage ET lunchbox out of commission. I up-cycled that bad boy into a Lego box. I had the boys fill it with Legos and take it with them. When we got to the appointment I sat them down next to the table and told them exactly what I expected of them. My boys played for an entire hour, quietly. Now these guys like to shriek and scream and clobber each other in the name of harmony. Not this time though they played happily. I tested the box on the 4th when we out to lunch and again they played perfectly. Hmmm. Today at the DMV while Hero was testing they played nicely, again. I think the parents of all the screaming kids at the DMV could have used a box of genius too. This thing is staying in my car for emergency "I need you to be good" times when I won't have the capacity to deal with them or give them the stink eye.

For more great kid tips click the button up there that says Tuesday Tips for Summer Survival. Got a tip to share? Old or New they are all welcome, just link up!

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  1. Great idea for the legos. I need one of those for our crayons.
    Congrats to your winner...

  2. Congrats to your son! Oh and to the winner, even though it wasn't me. ;) That's a great idea - going in my mental notes for someday!

    Yay for upcycling!

  3. I love legos! My mom would do the same - pack us little mini backpacks of constructive toys to keep our brains occupied. But we still sometimes fought -- ahhh, sibling rivalry!

  4. Such a great idea! We leave Matchbox cars in our car for going out but Legos are so much more engaging and quiet...

    Thanks again for participating...

    I'm planning a mid-point compilation post with a the great ideas that have been submitted. Maybe after I publish that we can talk about the other website if you're still interested?

  5. Really my dear the picture of you, you look so young! Heck 39 is a great age my dear! What a handsome boy, he looks super happy!

    Lego yup that is what saved me on 4th of July. Diego Legos from who knows what birthday that have been up in the garage made their way out!

  6. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bake on the grill, it's outside and won't heat up your kitchen.


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