Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Yes, I am alive


Yes, I am alive

I am so out of it! I have been planning/packing/fishing and recovering for over a week now and I am lost in the blogosphere. I have so many posts to catch up on, tweets to read through, posts to write, comments to leave and a best foodie foto contest to host. Whew I am exhausted just thinking about all of it.

So first let me fill you in on our fishing trip. We set off Sunday morning to avoid the weekend rush which ended up working well for us because we were heading down as the entire state was heading back.

Turnagain Pass
and road contruction! yes!!!!!
We left here at noonish and arrived around 5. We set up camp about 10 feet above the high tide line on Cook Inlet at the south side of the Kenai River mouth. It was an amazing place to camp, everyone was friendly and the sunsets were awesome.

After constructing 2 tents and a screened room the guys put on their chest waders and headed out to start fishing. Turns out we had camped in one of the hottest fishing spots right on a little shelf where the salmon swim to avoid the serious current. After high tide went out the fish started coming in. We were so excited to see the first one come in we accidentally ran off and left Union's shoe drying by the fire and it caught on fire! My husband, who HATES(!!!!) to fish was so jazzed to net his first fish he fell 3 times trying to get out of the water with his fish. I laughed pretty hard but let me tell you waddling out of the ocean with a salmon, in a 5 foot wide net, on 15 foot pole, in neoprene (sexy!!) waders, 40 pound wet boots and rain gear is not easy.

The first night they brought in 17 fish. I cleaned and gutted the fish while the guys warmed up by the fire. You have to stop fishing at 11 pm on the Kenai River so the campground is pretty quiet and mellow. At 6AM the next morning the guys were back out there fishing. They fished for a while and I hung out with boys, drank lots of coffee and stuck cookies and doughnuts in the mouths of hungry fishermen when they came out with fish. This continued on with the fishing getting better and better. I finally decided I was ready to give it a shot and within 1 minute of dropping my net I had a HUGE fish. And I continued to catch fish after fish until the guys around me were making cracks like " gee haven't you limited out yet?" It was awesome fishing and I will NEVER use a rod and reel again. While the guys around were making cracks it was all in good fun and they were happy to see the only woman in the water catch a ton of fish. By the end of the day we had 46 fish. We fished the turning of the tide one more time and I caught my last one at 10:59 pm right as the fishing was about to close. I ran and stumbled and lurched to the beach to make sure I had it in by 11:00 PM. I did. Whew.

Our trip total was 58 fish, with each salmon weighing between 7-9 pounds we potentially brought home between 406 and 522 pounds of salmon. How much was usable? Well I don't really know the post fillet weight of all the salmon but I'll guess around 300 pounds? That's just a guess based off a couple recipes that called for 2-3 pound Kenai Red fillets.

What did we do with all of it? Well some were caught by proxy for my mom and she was happy to get them! We cooked some on the grill for dinner the night we got home. I have made to different batches of smoked salmon about 20 pounds there. I am actively making gravlax (lox) it's curing in the fridge. We had a gorgeous roll you r own sushi party tonight featuring fresh salmon, smoked salmon and Black Box Wine ( thanks foodbuzz tastemakers, great delicious wine that we all loved, more on that later!) The rest has been judiciously filleted or cut into roasts or steaks and vacuumed packed and frozen within 14 hours of arriving home. We also have several whole cleaned fish to serve for our Harvest Home Feast later on in the fall. Our freezer is filled with great healthy, sustainable, local fish and I am so thankful.

We had an amazing adventure and we can't wait to go back next year and do it all over again. Lets hope the reds run 40,000 a day like they did this year, even if they don't, we'll still go, camp on the beach, burn up shoes and get so excited we flail around in the water. Our lives are never dull, thankfully.

Bff is still going so lets see what you guys have been up to! Anyone??

I will be trying to make rounds and comment but forgive me if I miss anyone to start with! I have only twittered for the last week, even on the beach I used my husbands iphone to tweet, shhh don't tell him.

Peace and Love,

Turnagain Pass


  1. Share the wealth on those fish!! LOL. Lovely photos.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I loved all the pictures and I'm hugely jealous of all your catch! i love salmon. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

    I'll send in my entries later today for BFF.

  3. I dont hink Ive ever seen so many fish. Lucky you.

    The photos are amazing. I love the scenery.


  4. Wow, that is incredible! I'm so jealous to miss the roll your own party, too. *sigh* I love me some sushi, and how fresh! My mouth is watering right now...

  5. Wow...amazing!! I'm so jealous of all your amazing salmon.

  6. What fun!

    I'm feeling the same way returning from my trip. So out of the loop!


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