Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: All right you people get OFF your duffs


All right you people get OFF your duffs

I did. Now it's time for you, and you to enter my Best Foodie Foto contest this week. This very week! I am giving away chocolate, now that it's cooling off a bit I think it's safe to send it through the mail. OK maybe you'll get a box of hot chocolate but just know it started out chocolate. If you don't want to enter that's cool too. NO PRESSURE HERE.

My 2 little boys made cookies to enter in the fair. Union, 5, made the current BSI winner (who should have received a REAL prize, but I digress) Guilty Kitchen's Idle Hands Bars. They truly were easy and so so so good. Sirprize, 3, made Butter Bites from Donna at My Tasty Treasures. Also too good to be true. I'm the mom who does not help except if there is heat, reading or chopping machinery involved. We learn and cook and laugh, their cookies look like a 5 and a 3 year old made them. And they always win a blue ribbon or Grand Champion (2 year old last year!) for their KIDS efforts. Those perfect bakery looking cookies? They are always kind of shoved to the back and forgotten, thankfully. I love to see real kid projects prevail over parents overbearing ones.

I have pictures, cute ones, a 3 year old licking the powdered sugar off the counter and all. But I think I'm sick. I feel cruddy so I am going to bed and I plan to sleep in. Hey guys be thinking about me as I wade into an attempt at getting corporate sponsorship to get to 2 food blogging conferences. I just need a wee bit o' help with airfare because Alaska is so damn far from the lower 48. Good thoughts? Please? Thanks!

Peace and Love,


  1. Meeeeow at the BSI prize issue! ;) I thought it was a little cheesy myself, but I also digress.

    Ohhh how I heart you for letting your kids be kids. I cannot tell you how many times the past year at the kids' craft studio (pre-economy closing down) I wanted to go rip the crafts out of the parents' hands, beat them over the head w/ them, and then hand them to the kids to have fun w/. They're so concerned about appearance and it being "right" that I swear some of the kids never even layed hands on their crafts until the parents were done w/ them! How fun is that???? And! How are they going to learn, develop life skills, and improve on motor skills?? haha.. rant over, but suffice to say that I agree wholeheartedly w/ your approach - no matter what the outcome b/c your boys are PROUD of what THEY accomplished!! :)

  2. I hope you have some takers. I really do not cook much.

  3. My camera broke this week! :( :( I have to get a new one so I can enter!

  4. I'm a big believer in letting the kids do it and having it look like a kid did it. You are crippling them later, by doing it for them now.

  5. I'm totally going to be in this weekend for the BFF contest!

  6. HI there hope you get sponsorship and get well soon lol


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