Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: BFF Week 5 -- Vote Now!


BFF Week 5 -- Vote Now!

Well another week down and school (gasp) starts tomorrow but today? Today we vote my dears! so without further chit chat here are the entries in this weeks Best Foodie Foto contest.

#1 is from Christina at Dinner at Christina's Marinating Swordfish

#2 is from Monica at Lick the Bowl Good Grandma's Chocolate Cake

#3 is another entry from Christina Ice Cream Sandwich with Cheesecake Ice Cream

#4 is a new contender this week Erin at The Sweet Life sent in this shot of her Brownie Bite Sundaes

#5 is another shot from Monica at Lick the Bowl Good her Tin Roof Ice Cream

#6 came from Erin at The Sweet Life another shot of her Brownie Bite Sundaes

#7 is from Monica Black Forest Cupcakes

#8 is our last entry and it is from Christina of Dinner at Christina's Depression Era CakeO.M.G. The choices!!! Since I don't vote this is easy for me but you guys? How will you choose? Whew! Good luck.

Please post a link to the contest on your blog so our weekly roundup can continue, thanks! If you are on twitter feel free to tweet this because twitter is not working for me!

As always please post about the contest BEFORE next Saturday so other foodies can enter, too.

Also I have my first entry for next week so gather up your best shots and send them in early so you don't forget!

Oh and if you have any ideas or want to sponsor a prize just drop me an email or a comment!

Peace and Love,


  1. Wow! these are sinfully delicious! I vote for # 7!

  2. My vote is for Monica's black forest cup cakes too, yum!

  3. I love the icing swirls in #2 - they have my vote! :)

  4. Wow, everything looks so yummy! Hmmmmm, #7!

  5. Laura here! I just got a twitter direct message from Nia Vardalos!! I asked if she would like to pick her favorite photo and she picked # 6! WAHOO!!! Thanks Nia!

  6. The drip of the chocolate and marshmallow in #4 wins my vote!

  7. MY vote is for Monica's tin roof, yummy!

  8. I vote for # 5 Monicas ice cream, its not only beautiful but has a beautiful story behind it!!!!

  9. I vote for Monica's Black Forest Cupcakes #7!

  10. I gotta got for the #2 cake -- I'm a sucker for a good chocolate layer cake.

  11. I vote for Monica's black forest cupcakes!

  12. I vote for #5. That looks so divine! I think I'm going to have to find an excuse to make some of that Tin Roof Ice Cream this weekend!