Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Root Bake, Basil Oil and Cookie Shots


Root Bake, Basil Oil and Cookie Shots

Hi all. Today we are heading out to the fair to check on our entries and ride a few rides. I'm pretty sure we'll eat something on a stick too, or deep fried dill pickles...must resist pants tightening foods at all costs so maybe coffee only. I wanted to post the shots of the cookies the boys made and a few working shots. Enjoy.

and really who needs a washcloth when you have a tongue?

Also I found a great way to use up all my basil, basil oil. I have had basil going ape-o for months and we ate it every which way and froze pesto too so it was nice to say goodbye to the basil and hello room in my dining room. I found this on Bread+Butter last week-ish and I have been enjoying it on roasted chicken, steamed corn and on salads. It's kind of like pesto light, no garlic, salt or cheese just oil and basil.

Basil Oil or Pesto Light
1 cup of basil
1/2 cup good olive oil

in a food processor whirl basil until chopped
pour in oil and whirl until mixed together
I wondered about straining it but didn't see the directive to do that so I didn't
I could be wrong, it happened once, but it is fine like this. Pretty much bail flavor that is easy to spread. Great condiment to have on hand. I don't know how long it will last but I plan to keep an eye on it.

I have been hearing and reading about root bake for a couple weeks now. It seems to be a key phrase in the letter from our CSA and I finally decided to try it. Basically roasted vegetables, same basic instructions using only root vegetables. Oh yum. Good eats. I peeled and cut into 1x1 inch squares a rutabaga the size of my kids head ( we grow mega vegetables up here) I washed a pound of red french fingerling potatoes, if any of the potatoes were too big I cut them in half, the rest I left whole. I tossed them all with olive oil and baked them at 400˚ for 35-45 minutes turning 1 halfway through. My kids loved these and the 3 year old cried when I said "no honey those are for daddy when he gets home" "WHY?" he wanted to know. I appeased him with another 1/2 ear of corn and quickly put daddy's dinner away. While basically the same as roasted veggies the root bake sounds cooler and it was side dish and vegetable in one. You apparently can use any and all combinations of roots so next I'm thinking of turnips, carrots and beets.

OK one more thing, I have a new label which I think is awesome. I apparently dropped my receipt the other day at the store. The cashier who always works Tuesdays (yes I am a creature of habit) put it in her pocket to give me next time I came in. Well the next week I went in on Monday, the first day of school, and missed her. I went this Tuesday because Monday didn't work for me (freak, yes I know, deal) and here is the cashier and she says "Oh my you dropped your receipt 2 weeks ago, I thought you might want it" I thanked her and looked down and written on the top of the receipt is 'Green Woman' she turned red and said "well you always buy real food and organics so that's how I think of you" I thought it was great. I love it. A compliment. Thanks Fred Meyer! Also I read about Fred Meyers in the lower 48, not up here, having one of those crazy brand sales. You know the one where you buy five of this or that brand and you save 5 bucks! We don't have this going on up here but someone else might find this useful.

Love and Peace

the green woman


  1. Wow, those cookies came out great!!! I love Surprise's sleeves and cleaning technique!

    That corn looks delicious w/ the basil on it! I've never tried that, but I'll have to in the future.

    hehe Green Woman! ;)

  2. Glad you liked the basil oil. If left on the counter it will last a few days at most. Put in the fridge it will last last a little longer. It will harden, but just remove it 10-20 min before use and it should liquefy into oil again.

  3. Green woman, your post made me hungry today!

    I have a cooking question that I'm posting on my blog tonight because I need help! If you (AND ANY OF YOUR READERS) have a chance, stop by and help a clueless cook out!

  4. Green Woman- what a great name!

    Your kids are too cute.

  5. I love basil oil. It's GREAT on corn, isn't it? Now I want some. i think I may just come move in with you. I promise to help cook. And garden. Just let me eat some of the huge yummies you have there that we don't get here!


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