Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Snow Peas are the NEW Edamame


Snow Peas are the NEW Edamame

It's true. At least at our house anyway. I have peas, literally 3 pounds every 3-4 days, like nobodies business. My freezer is full. We will not be starving to death this winter our freezer is full to the top with salmon and peas and we'll always have fresh eggs...and soon fresh meat(but I'm not going there because I don't want freak anybody out)
So in my food preserving frenzy I discovered that steaming is the way to blanch. Period. End of story. No boiling water super saturating fresh veggies and having them soggy and nasty when they are cooked. The steam blanch method is quick and easy. It is simply steaming vegetables for 1-2 minutes, depending on the vegetables, and plunging them into a cold ice bath until they are well chilled.

Why blanch? Blanching preserves the crunch and integrity of vegetables. It also kills some enzymes that can continue living in your freezer, even when the food is frozen, that can lead to a nasty surprise when you go to use your foods later. Blanche now, enjoy later.

So anyway where the HELL was I going with this lecture, er post, oh yeah PEAS. I was happily blanching and draining when I discovered this and that is why all that^ is relevant. Blanched peas? Freaking rock. I popped one in because I am a cook and cooks do that. And in no way does that have anything to with my current fat self, that is pure gluttony and self medication at work here people NOT tasting my own creations. Damn perhaps I shouldn't drink coffee at night, I think I am vibrating in my chair (Donna!)and I am typing so fast my fingers are a blur and damn damn damn I'm off track again.


Blanched peas are delicious. Simply prepare a large pot for steaming. Add sugar snap or snow peas, cover and count down for a minute. Plunge into cold water. Repeat until all your peas are used up. Drain the peas when they are cooled completely, taste test if needed. Blot dry sprinkle on a minute amount of kosher salt or even better sea salt(hoity toity optional)

Thanks for all your kind words on our paint job in our son's room. We are loving the tree house room. Here is my answer to those of you who wanted us to paint your room. The going rate for us to paint your room, 400$ per room plus 2 round trip first class tickets from Anchorage to your hometown plus lodgings in the nearest 5 star resort plus unlimited room service contact me for openings. January is free, just get us the hell outta here!

Peace and Love,


  1. okey dokey - first off bsi winners should win something - second I hope you get blogher off the ground for yourself and the hers in your area thirdly - I feel awkward posting pictures to win something I want someone else to win besides me.. fourthly; I think every single thing you are doing is so perfect and right on! fifthly - its not that I dont want to win its that I have won enough as it is - I am so happy to have contact with every single one of you...

  2. Vibrating in your chair, girl go use that energy up in another way with the hubster;)Unless youre already having fun:)

    LOVING the snow peas.

  3. Oh I can't eat those anymore. I get sick just looking at them. I am sorry I got so sick off of those when I was PG.

  4. haha you crack me up!

    I'd love to live in your freezer this winter - it sounds yummy in there! :)

  5. Mmm...Snow peas. They don't get eaten up as much as they should. I love edamame. I've got to try this approach.

  6. Yu-um! I love peas! I'll have to try the steaming method! I meant to stock up on summer fruits and veggies, but never got around to it! Come spring, I'm keeping this in mind!

  7. Now that is some impressive gardening. I love your chock full freezer! Lotsa prep work now, but oh so worth it later. The blanching is definitely my favorite way to go, but I never thought about steaming to blanch. Thanks!

  8. Oh how I wish I had a garden....I have a tiny spot under the doormat on my front steps. Nothing much going to grow there except maybe a stray weed.

    New reader, love your blog by the way.


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