Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Best Foodie Fotos vote now!


Best Foodie Fotos vote now!

Long week up here without my husband but I really enjoyed myself. I have been busy blanching, freezing, drying and trying to keep my head above water with kids, birds, school and somehow I am supposed to keep the house clean too.

As many of you know I am heading off to BlogHer Food '09 this next week so I am pretty sure the contest will be non-existent next week. In 2 weeks it will be back in full force and hopefully lots of entries and more great prizes! I want to thank you guys, my loyal readers, for a couple of paypal donations I got to help offset the cost of my trip to BlogHer Food. I didn't end up with any major brand name sponsors so any little bit helps us out tremendously with the major out of pocket expense the conference was. Thanks!

On to the entries!

First up we have last weeks winner, VeggieGirl with a Blue Sunset Shake from One Lucky Duck in NYC

#2 is from Christina of Dinner at Christina's from her post Sweet Potato Fries, behold the sweet potato!

#3 is from that same post of Christina's The sweet potato fries post baking!

#4 is from Sweetie Pie at Just Sweet Enough, Great Grandma Clements Easy Apple Pie

#5 comes from Sweetie Pie also, Scones from her post New Tricks

So what do you think? Who is going to walk away with the Chavrie and Alouette Cheese? Well leave a comment and let the world know which blogger has the Best Foodie Foto.

Peace and Love,


  1. Mmmm scones! Totally gets my vote.

    And oh what fun for the BlogHer Food -- I SO want to hear how it goes. This is one I thought a lot about attending but just couldn't quite justify. Lots and lots of details and pictures, promise?

  2. #4, it's snowing here today and I need some warm apple pie!

  3. Hmm... I think I'll go with #5. I had one of those for breakfast, and a picture is worth a thousand (happy) words. ;-)

  4. I pick number 1, it has pretty colors.