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I got a lot of strange looks. I did not register as the Queen of All, they asked for a nickname I jokingly filled in a snark nickname my friend Deborah gave me "The Queen of All That is Good".
But they couldn't fit it all on my tag therefore I have become the Queen of All. Which is how it really should be, right? It got a lot of double takes. Especially seeing how I was wearing insane humid hair at the time. But what can you do? The only time it bothered me was when they couldn't find my name tag and I thought they didn't have me registered. Um no. They had me filed under Laura Queen of All. And then when they were looking madly for my name tag I finally embarrassingly admitted that I MAY have used a silly nickname on my registration. Problem solved.

But lets back up to the day BEFORE I became the Queen of All. Friday. Ahhhhh Friday was an absolutely lovely day full of promise! I was checking on twitter when a fellow blogger tweeted that she didn't know what to do or how to get around in San Francisco. I tweeted her and offered to get her to Chinatown if she was interested. She jumped at the chance and then of course I got the fear of shy. But I didn't need to worry Susan turned out to absolutely wonderful. We hit it right off and I felt like I had known her forever. We headed deep into Chinatown after riding the cable cars. We pretty much shopped and ate our way through Chinatown. We ate Dim Sum at a place we both agreed that we would never have ventured into alone, we drank bubble tea (mmmmmm) and stood in line for custard tarts (the best in Chinatown) for over an hour with an angry Chinese mob. Seriously the line was so long they actually had those rope dividers that banks use set up on the sidewalk and a line bouncer to keep people from cutting in. No such luck on that one though because special customers seemed to waltz right in while us low lifers stood around. Once inside I bought 4 tarts(for one person?) and a dozen macaroons. Were the tarts good? Ummm I accidentally left them out of the fridge and then was a bit too freaked to eat them. Susan said however that they were in fact delicious.

dragon fruit

I don't know what this is, anybody??

After that I hit Sephora while Susan drug her tired self back to her hotel. I did not spend entirely too much money at Sephora. No really I bought some Bare Minerals Mascara and Skin Revver Upper. Too many stompy fashionistas dressed in black for this granola hippie girl. Then I drug my sorry tired self back to the hotel.

I needed to get ready for the first of some free eats! A dinner put on by the Mushroom Council at the ultra swanky RN74 , a Michael Minna restaurant. After trying on and discarding every single item of clothing I had with me I was stumped on what to wear. I can't wear anything but hiking shoes so my choices are limited or I am in pain. So I went kind of urban granola chic. I wore jeans with cuffs turned up all the way to my knees, hiking shoes, black top and sweater cardigan. Yes I got slightly lost and over shot the f-line stop but I soon figured it out with a little help from a fellow lost blogger, Alanna. I was swigging free Pinot Noir and chowing down on some of the tastiest mushrooms I ever sunk my teeth into before I had time to even worry too much about being lost in the dark, alone on the streets of San Francisco.

I have missed being home. A bit. It's damn cold here. And it's in times like these I ask myself why do I live here? Today I could find no good answer in words.

Peace and Love,


  1. Ha ha- the queen of all. That's hilarious. I would have loved to see the faces of all those people looking at you. I love that you actually filled in the form with a nickname :-)

    Chinatown looks like fun. I love dimsum. Sorry to hear about the tarts though.

  2. But heres the deal it was SUCH a great experience that I don't really care if I ate the tarts
    Oh yes The Queen of All :D even lines!

  3. Sounds like a splendid trip!! I love the shot of the shop with the white dishes...I could spend some money there!!

  4. ohh fun!

    Last time I was in NYC Chinatown I bought a dragon fruit (so named b/c it looks like a dragon claw, I was told). It was ridiculously uncharacteristic of me and sadly I wasn't that pleased w/ it! haha

  5. Queen of All. Haha...Love it!!

    I miss San Fran. There's a tons of awesome food places there. Chinatown being one of them. That fruit that you're not sure what it is looks like jujubes, or Chinese dates. I'm pretty sure it is.

  6. What a beautiful post, Laura. I'm envious of your awesome day on Friday. What a treat, all of it!

    Though, now that I know The Queen of All, I'll make sure to arrive a few days early for the next conference.

    Your picture at the end is gorgeous. No real signs of fall here, save for a slight chill in the air, but I'm ready for it. :)

  7. the mystery product could be a guava but I wouldnt know without seeing it cut open...sounds and looks like a good time!

  8. Colleen it was a fantastic trip! Especially given how cruddy our weather is right now-COLD
    Christina-hmmmm I have tasted dragon fruit juice and was not fond of it
    Thanks Jenn! JuJubes?
    Christo did you hear that? :) Thanks for telling Tara to look out for me! We met right away and hit it off! LOVE HER!
    Tara YES next time we will take a week before hand to have fun:D

  9. actually looked those 2 up and neither look quite like these

    Hmmm anybody else?

  10. Too funny! I think you need to adopt that as your new moniker. It's perfect!

    The dragonfruit look great. And boo on the tarts! I can't wait to hear more, but it sounds delish so far :)

  11. As far as I'm concerned, you ARE the Queen of All! Our trip to Chinatown was the most fun I've had in a long time, thanks to you. Definitely the highlight of the weekend. I'm so grateful that you took pity on me and tweeted back!

    Glad to see you made it home safe and sound. I'm still trying to slide back into my life!

    Take care, my friend, and hope to see you again soon.

    P.S. The custard tarts were awesome!


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