Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: San Francisco Day 1


San Francisco Day 1

I love San Francisco food! So many choices. Lunch was Henry's Hunan. Mmmm I love their Dry Sauteed Green Beans with Tofu and Diana's Special Meat Pie. I lunched early to avoid the crowds and was thankful because when I left the line was out the door.

I spent the day being a tourist. I stalked the SF MoMA only to see that tonight was half price which made evening plans really easy. I made plans with a fellow food blogger to meet up at 6 for a museum visit.

I walked up to the cable cars.

Rode them to Fisherman's Wharf.

Cruised around down there for a few hours. Enjoyed myself. Tons of food, everywhere.

Rode the F-line vintage streetcar back to my hotel.

Went to the SF MoMA for a couple hours with Heather a fellow blogger. We had a blast but the real fun was deciding what to eat for dinner. Hey 2 foodies in a city of food what do you expect? We headed for the Castro for Hot Cookie and their anatomically enhanced, ahem, cookies. Hee! These were a special request for a few friends in Alaska and once in the Castro we decided to try a highly recommended Thai place across the street. It was supposed to be romantic. I don't know about that but the food was good and we a grand view of the Castro Theater. We rode the F-line back down market where I promptly collapsed in bed. And blogged.

Tomorrow? Foodbuzz open house, free food people! Chinatown. Coit Tower, maybe. David Lebovitz book signing, maybe. Mushroom Council dinner in the evening at RN74, free food people!

Peace and Love,

Check out these great photos of flying out of Alaska.

Denali/Mt. McKinley

Pt. Mackenzie

Random Glaciers


  1. Oh how fun!! I'm going to DC in November w/ Johnny for a work trip. You're giving me strength to venture out on my own and have as much fun as you are!!!! :)

    Love the pics from the airplane! So pretty!

    The food pics are great! When you see David Lebovitz tell him I looove the Perfect Scoop! ;)

  2. I just saw that chocolate and I nearly died and gone to heaven. LOL. I've never tried Hunan food. It's looks pretty though. I miss San Fran.

  3. Wait we have all the other pics but none of the cookies? I'm bummed! So jealous of you, and I hope you're having a great time!

  4. Yumilicious food! I'm getting hungry. My husband walked by when I was scrolling through and said 'oooh, what's that?" It was chocolate- go figure!

    Can't wait to see more!

  5. Oh sounds like the beginnings of a most fun trip.. Cant wait to hear more. I want to join next time.. tell me how.


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