Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Sorry for the lapse


Sorry for the lapse

By the time many of you read this I will be sky high on my way to BlogHer Food '09. I'm nervous and excited. I haven't been alone in a big city by myself for 22 years. I have never left my entire family to fend for themselves, selected parts but not all of them at once. I have not done anything for me or about me in so long I feel guilty for it. A little. My husband says I'll miss my kids. I say I won't. I will, of course, but I crave this break.

I'm tired. Summer is long and the work is hard. A lot of this past summer was just plain painful, ankle and foot wise. I'm ready for winter, sleeping in darkness and playing scrabble. Skiing in the bitter cold. The challenge of life up here in the winter. Soon I'll be ready for spring but right now i am ready for a break from my life and summer, birds and crops and shriek-y kids. I need to be alone for a while.

I'm also nervous because I only know one person at this conference. ONE. Who will I chat with? Will they like me? What about my fat ass? That zit on my forehead? My blog? Will I feel like a freak outsider? **sigh** Well I guess I can always skip out and enjoy San Francisco for another day right?



On with the Best Foodie Foto contest! The winner? VeggieGirl with her photo of a beautiful smoothie from One Lucky Duck!

I'm announcing now that there will be no Best Foodie Foto contest this weekend because of my much needed sanity break. It will return in 2 the following weekend and I would love anyone and everyone to participate. I would also love to have everyone give it a shout out next week so we can keep it going! Thanks-

But Laura have you been cooking? Yes. Is it post worthy? No. Why? I am simply overwhelmed at the moment and needed to take care of some pre-trip stuff so our meals have been low key pancakes or baked pork chops. I'll be a whole new me when I get back.

I will be posting photos while I'm gone. And blogging as best I can, probably mostly photos though! The food, celebrity chefs, food and the after party and food (did I say that already?)will definitely be in there.

Peace and Love


  1. Enjoy your break!! We all, women (moms), tend to leave our needs for the end of the to do list and usually never get to it. You deserve a break and a little 'me' time.

    I look forward to hearing about your trip.

  2. Wahoo!! Thank you again for a stellar/fun photo contest - please contact me whenever you get the chance, no rush :)

    Enjoy your break and have a blast!!

  3. Have a blast!!! One thing I can tell you about fellow food bloggers is that ALL of them that I've met have been amazingly nice and easy to talk to! Take TONS of pictures as I'll be living vicariously through you!

  4. Have fun. Can't wait to read about it when you come back!

  5. You will be fine. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. have fun I told a "diva" to look out for you..



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