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Un Fried Green Tomatoes

I came home from my fantastic weekend alone to a clean house and 100 pounds of green tomatoes. Apparently the family helped some friends tear down the green house and thought I wanted ALL the green tomatoes. Now we do have a freezer full of red salmon just begging for green tomato relish so there goes a gallon of them. Plus fried green tomatoes but as for the rest I'm researching. I've ruled out green tomato marmalade because it was gaggy gross last year so if you have any non-sweet green tomato recipes I should try let me know. I know I won't be able to use all of them but I'd hate to give my chickens so many tomatoes when I could be eating them.

Every single year I make fried green tomatoes and every year they are greasy and gross. This year I think I actually hit on something quite tasty. Plus it was a great way to make a pan full with out some getting cold or over cooked being kept warm. I oven fried them. It was so simple and they came out fantastic. I made them exactly the same as always except instead of frying them I baked them on my silpat mat on a baking sheet in a 375˚ oven or about 20-25 minutes. The outside was crispy while the inside still had some firmness but was quite easy to cute and eat. I lived them but my boys? Not so much! Oh well at least they tried them.

Un Fried Green Tomatoes

**the amounts will vary depending upon the size of green tomatoes you are using so be ready to use more of any of the breading**

2-3 firm green tomatoes
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup of flour
2 eggs
1/2 sleeve of saltines, crushed
drizzle of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

pre-heat oven to 375˚
slice the green tomatoes in 1/4 inch slices, set aside top and bottom slices
arrange 4 bowls in a line
bowl #1 the milk
bowl #2 the flour
bowl #3 the eggs, beat them
bowl #4 the cracker crumbs
put your silpat in the baking sheet at the end of the line
start dredging your tomatoes, just go right on down the line and lay it on the silpat
once all the tomatoes are done drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper
bake for at l5 minutes or until the bottoms are browning
turn and bake for at least another 10 minutes or until they brown up

These were so good, truly the best I have ever made. I think I'm going to hot sauce in the milk or eggs next time to add some zip.

What do you do with green tomatoes? I need some great suggestions. A real plus would be things I could can for use later in the winter.

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  1. I'm glad to hear you call green fried tomatoes gross, because that was my opinion the one and only time I made them. Maybe you have to grow up with them. ONE HUNDRED pounds of green tomatoes? Good luck, haha.

  2. I love fried green tomatoes with a little hot sauce and ranch dressing. It's my weakness!

  3. I used to make green tomato mincemeat for pies. It can be bottled. I can't find my recipe because it was decades ago. Maybe you can google it and find a recipe. It had no meat in it and was very good.

  4. And they still look so fried and yummy. Thanks for keeping us healthy!

  5. I haven't had green tomatoes in long time. I love that you baked them rather than fried. Makes it better to taste the tomato. No one want the taste of oil, right?

  6. 'Tis the season, I guess, because I'm seeing green tomato posts popping up all over the place. Earlier this week my friend, Charmian, from Christie's Corner posted a recipe for green tomato parmesan ... like eggplant parm, only with green tomatoes. It looked amazing. Here's the link:

    Green Tomato Parmesan

    She used fried green tomatoes, but you could certainly use your oven-fried version. Love that you baked rather than fried these. The cracker crumbs were a nice choice too. They look wonderful, Laura!

  7. Tomatoes are yummy. Wow what you can do with them.

  8. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. You're right. Diva is great!

    Funny how we both did fried green tomatoes, only yours look less fattening.

    Ironically, I made green tomato marmalade and actually liked it. But it wasn't sickly sweet. I'd be curious to know how our recipes compare on the sugar front.

  9. wow laura! these look delish. I had some fried green tomatoes up in Portland, OR a few weeks ago and they were served with a ranch dressing that was DILL based. Scrumptious!

    I just finished pulling out all of our tomatoes from this summer. Sigh..It was fun while it lasted

  10. Diva thats totally what I am looking for! Thanks so much I actually got the inspiration from you and an oven fried chicken post I found on your site. I like to read back on my favorite bloggers and found it there! Thanks!

    Hmmm Peggy I'll look into that. Thanks!

  11. It was so great meeting you in SF at the after party. I love your story of coming home to loads of green tomatoes - I can honestly say that's never happened to me. In fact, I don't think I've ever eaten a fried green tomato, which I'll be sure to remedy next summer with your oven method.

  12. Thanks shutterbean I have to say your blog is fantastic-really loved it!

  13. Laura, so glad to be of service! I highly recommend Charmian's blog ... such great recipes and her photography is truly amazing. I had the pleasure of meeting her last month and she's every bit as smart, funny and adorable in person as she is on her blog.

    Very glad to have made the introductions. :)

  14. I'm not a fried green tonmato fan either, nor my husband. I think your oven version sounds better.


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