Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: 10 things I hate about today


10 things I hate about today

**Warning this post contains references to extreme bodily functions by people other than myself**

1) woke up at 2 am by prairie wolves in 6 year old's bedroom

2)woke up at 3 am by same boy barfing on me

3)awake rest of night waiting for other shoe to drop

4)it finally drops at 7am with another 'accident' of a different sort

5)graceful lovely cottonwood in neighbors yard is blown down in a wind storm

6)dryer is dead, can't be fixed must be replaced

7)at recycling center smash hand between dryer and back of truck

8)husband forgets to transfer money for new used dryer and I'm stuck at the shop waiting

9) on the way home the youngest boy who I took with me for an adventure complains of headache and subsequently barfs all over the seat next to him and into the seat belt compartment, basically everywhere but on himself

10)after cleaning up the mess on the side of the highway in 60 mph winds I jump back into the truck, slam my hair in the door without realizing it and leave a nice bald patch on the left hand side of my head when I turn to check on my son

Now excuse while I'm off to surely be smashed by the new used dryer falling down our very steep basement stairs.

Love and Peace,

Damn forgot the dishwasher drained all over the kitchen floor...upshot? the floor is now clean, or was anyway


  1. you need a huge glass of wine! i am sorry momma! barf is the worst. It instantly makes me panic!! xo

  2. Gotta wash those floors any way you can, on the other hand, barfing in the car will probably be with you for a while. Sorry, sometimes it just goes like that.

  3. Oh man... I'm so sorry. :( For your sake I hope it's the 24 hour bug and not anything worse. Poor guys. :(

  4. Wow that's some day you've had. Don't worry tomorrow's a new day and *hopefully* things will go smoothly.;

  5. wolves in bedroom? WHAT?!?!?!

    Dear, dear, it seems like everything that went wrong - did! Here's to tomorrow being a better day!

  6. prairie wolves=bad dream we read Little House on the Prairie this summer and prairie wolves were the biggest baddest wolves

    Thanks ladies!! LONG DAY

  7. you are making me feel better about my day - though I doubt that helps...

  8. Ohhhh, I've had those days. I HATE those days. Wine, anyone? Fingers crossed that everyone feels better soon!

  9. OMG, Laura, I'm speechless. There are bad days and then there are BAD days. I'm sorry you had the latter. :(


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