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Bubble and Squeak-Listening

I am busy planning a "Castles in the Sky" party for my soon to be 6 year old son. I'm swamped. I'm re-posting this post from my private blog that I abandoned to write this blog. See I had plans that I was going to conquer the blog world and make buckets of money off google ads so I broke up with my private blog and started this little blog. I wanted to keep my kids off of a public blog and that lasted about 12 minutes. I love this recipe, it's a great way to use leftovers and the name, well it speaks for itself. HA!

The summer before my grandmother died she was going to make bubble and squeak. She'd never made it before and had found a recipe in a magazine that looked interesting. I feel guilty because I never asked her if she made it. I never followed up and let her know I was listening. But I was.

I listened, I really did. I know how she ripened her tomatoes, which of her apples were good for baking and her favorite depression era snack. It's just this bubble and squeak recipe I never asked about. I wish I had, not just because I feel guilty now but because I would like to spend an afternoon in her presence just one more time. I wish.

So today someone said "oh we passed out a bubble and squeak recipe with our csa veggie boxes" and I nearly burst into tears. I have decided to conquer a bubble and squeak recipe.

The original recipe came from "an Englishmen in America" website.


-1lb leftover cooked potatoes

-3/4 - 1lb of leftover cooked cabbage or brussel sprouts

- 1 Tbsp olive oil

- salt and black pepper if desired.

Chop potatoes if needed into bite sized pieces
Chop cabbage or brussel sprouts also
mix together
place a large heavy skillet over med heat and add the oil
when the pan is hot pour in the potato mixture sprinkle with salt and pepper to your desired tastes
and pat into a pancake
cook until brown then carefully turn the pancake over**
continue cooking until both sides are nicely browned and crispy
serve in wedges

**because there is no binder in the mix I actually just turned as much as my biggest spatula was able to move at one time and then patted it back together when all the pieces were turned*

Peace and Love,


  1. My mother was born in England, so I'm very familiar with bubble & squeak. It is a wonderful dish. Your sentiments about your grandmother were wonderful.

  2. I've never heard of bubble and squeak! Your reminiscing made my eyes water, I just lost my Grammy in Jan. and it's still very hard for me. I've found myself a bunch of times wondering things about here that I thought I *should* have asked -- but you're right! We have to remember what we did listen and ask, not reflect on what we didn't!

  3. I've heard the name bubble and squeek, but I thought it had to do with pork - hence the squeek.


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