Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Castles in the Sky the big day


Castles in the Sky the big day

The day started fine presents torn open, toast consumed and clothes put on.

We went on a special field trip for school, the Musk Ox Farm!

Oh the babies are so cute, yes?

Then it was a long and torturous wait for the party to start.

But when it was a roaring success!

The kids came in as pages but were immediately promoted to squires. They were presented with surcoats and new boffer swords (foam rubber pipe cover over pvc pipe). They had to complete 4 feats of Knighthood to go on to being Knighted.

#1 Sword Skills: training, one on one and melee
#2 Dragon Battle: using a squirt gun to put out a candle
#3 Jousting: galloping with a sword and hitting a target
#4 Ogre Hunt: An Ogre stole their gold and they had to track him through the woods and recover their gold

Then they were Knighted, ate dinner, opened presents, ate cake and played.

Big brother was here.

A fantastic party start to finish. Whew!

Now on to the museum tomorrow for a quiet little family time, ahahahahahaaa. If you knew my kids then you would know why I'm laughing they are the loudest wildest hooligan beasts and I love them.

Peace and Love.

ps the cake was a HUGE success


  1. What a clever party, looks like the birthday boy had a great time!!

  2. Perfect party for the birthday boy. I'm sure he'll make a great knight. ;-D

  3. aww I miss being a kid! This looks so fun!!

  4. Sorry I have not been by in awhile. I hope you are doing just fine. The boys look like they are having fun.

  5. SUCH a fun party idea, and such a cool cake. You really put my poor sad cake to shame. I love your ideas! Happy birthday to your boy. Another 6!

  6. what a perfect day and so much nicer than a caped super hero party. love the candy necklace too :-)

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Happy Birthday to your boy. : )

  8. Having a boy means swords - I mean it. I have a friend who has only girls. I said that the families have different dynamics that have only girls, only boys or some of each, and they do. To prove my point, I said, that I knew he didn't own any swords in his home. He agreed, and didn't understand until I said boys mean swords, and light sabers. Anyone I know who has had a boy in the family has swords and light sabers. It's just the way it is.

  9. Aww you are so creative (as always). Your kids are so lucky!!


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