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Castles in the Sky

Ah, Union is 6 today, I think my heart might break. Just yesterday he was born, last night he started talking and now he's six already, tomorrow he'll be driving. How is this possible when I just graduated from high school last week? *sigh* Time, she does fly.

Apparently last year I "forced" him to have a pirate party and since then he has periodically brought it up and asked for a castles party. After we painted his room and added in the castle he ramped up his requests for a castle party. My husband is secretly pleased, being a historical re-enactor, this thrills him because he doesn't want to push his interests on our kids. But really? Who elses kids hunt goblins in the woods? And shoot wood bows? And know what a morning star is? Yeah, I thought so.

This year the kid is getting a Castles in the Sky party. Complete with "Feats of Knighthood", sword training, squire surcoats and knighthood if they complete their training. Beef pottage in bread bowls, 'ale' and a Castles in the Sky cake are on the menu. You want castles you got it!

So now I'm off to bed to sleep before the boys wake up. I'll leave you with a few shots of the cake.

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  1. I've seen cones on castle cakes before, but I never thought of stacking them and using a sugar cone on top is brilliant. Yes, they all grow up way too fast. Your castle party sounds wonderful. I hope you post photos.Have you ever seen the house shaped like a castle on Falk Road?

  2. Totally cool! I made a castle cake for my daughter years ago; but it looked more like the castle was in ruins. Still, the wonderful thing about children is that they love it anyway. (Unless you "force" them to have a pirate party!!)

  3. Cool cake. I love the ice cream cones for the castle. Very creative!!

  4. Mom of the Year alert!!! That cake looks AWESOME and the party sounds great!

  5. What an awesome cake for a 6 year old. i love it and the stacked ice cream cones on this are brilliant.

  6. That cake is rad! Happy belated to the bday boy!


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