Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Potluck Pleasers


Potluck Pleasers

Tonight we had a Harvest Potluck up on the farm. The farm? Yes a huge (700 acre?) gorgeous farm where my middle boy attends an enrichment school. They do all these FANTASTIC outdoors projects with the kids, teach them old fashioned games, run 'em ragged and generally let them be kids who are eager to learn. We love the farm and their lovely teachers, all fantastic wonderful women who get down and dirty with kids. Love them and their mission.

One part, especially near and dear to my heart, of the school is the snack rule: no pre packaged overly processed CRAP. It has to be real food and I am so down with that. In any school type situation before the farm my kids were looked at like they were freaks when they asked what gummy fruit by the foot was and especially when the wanted to know what ranch dressing was. Here it is always something real and usually whole.

For the potluck tonight I wanted to bring something special and that kind of stumped me. I mean I had several ideas and none seemed quite right. Then I happened upon the extra salmon fillet I made into gravlax this summer in the freezer, foodsavered and ready to eat. PERFECT! I served it with mini bagels, cream cheese and a walla walla sweet onion from the garden. It was so good even after being in the freezer for 10 weeks, love my foodsaver.

I also took along another favorite dish at potlucks Greek Bulgur Salad. Even though I screwed up the dressing it was a great side dish, how can you go wrong with feta, tomatoes, cukes and olives?

All in all the party was a great time. The kids played so well together and all the adults were mellow and relaxed. The hubs was sorry to miss it but seeing as he's in Nashville he didn't have a choice. And when he gets back on Saturday the boys are all his, I am running the hell away for the whole day. Gone. Protective custody or shopping or curled in the fetal position on the floor whatever works. He's been gone all week, the boys have been, well boys and I need OUT.

I am including a link to the post on our summer dipnetting trip, if you are new here you might want to find out how we caught all these: and why I felt I could make gravlax and not be worried it would suck.

Peace and Love,


  1. Oh man that looks delicious!

    Love that farm and the mission too!!! Sounds like a great place and I've said it before and I'll say it again -- your boys are lucky you're raising them the way you are!!!

  2. Laura, your gravlax looks amazing! I'm usually not a fan, but yours looks so good I'm sorely tempted!

    Both the farm and the potluck sound wonderful. What a great way to spend an evening and I love the non-processed snack commitment. Nice!

    Have a fabulous time on your day away ... I know you deserve it!

  3. I've always wanted to try and make my own version of lox. I wish I had a bagel right about now.

  4. I would gladly trade you a pint of Secret Breakfast from Humphry Slocombe for that platter of gravlax...

  5. Thanks Christina !

    Oh Diva it was to die for good looks like I'll be rewriting the charter for our Waldorf school...oh well

    Jenn so easy and good seriously a good way to have salmon

    Heather your on!


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